Say hello and introduce yourself!

Hi Lance. Its been a while since I took any courses, and i only took a few, I kind of just learned how to do things when i needed to do them. I dont think they do anything specifically towards any certification testing, but I could be wrong.

Hello Everyone! You know what they say…never too late to learn! So that’s ME! Found about 5 mths ago and I’m moving at a snail’s pace but I’m still learning. Somehow in the past 5 mths I’ve purchased a PI 4 and then a 10.1 touch monitor. I’m getting a “No Signal” so trying to figure out why. I didn’t solder the 3 wires, but instead just plugged them in.
Next I went to a pawn shop a couple of times and bought a Asus chromebook for $75 and am planning on putting maybe Linux Mint on it for this older lady who can’t see well and wants an easy laptop to you.
Next I bought a HP touch 8gb 1T for <$100 that I’m trying to get ready to make it my dual boot main laptop since I have a 10 yr old Toshiba that is falling apart, but have to work faster now because the cord is lose. So have to backup and figure out how I’m gonna do the switch. Scared!
Next a friend asked me to look at his 8 yr old almost brand new HP15 Touch 8/500 with 8.1 and was going to do upgrade to 10, but he said to just keep it. He’ll get another with karaoke music loaded onto and he asked me how much he owed me. I said I didn’t do anything and he said told me to just keep the laptop and see if I can make something of it or practice on it. It’s 8 yrs old BUT brand new! So I’m now in the process of attempting to boot from an Internal cd/dvd…but it won’t boot…even though I thought I changed the boot order. It could be a bad Ubuntu dvd so I’m going to try another?
And I bought a Firestick tablet Dec 21 that I wasn’t sure what I was going to be able to put on it, but it’s on my list of Linux TO-DOs.
Next, my IT friend, who climbed on the antenna of the WTT when he was younger, brought me an old heavy Dell loaded with Windows 10 and Ubuntu, so want to see how that one works. lol
Soooo I’m new to this community…scared…nervous…but having FUN while plunging into these DEEP WATERS. Grandson is learning cybersecurity and is amazed I’m still wanting to learn at my age. HA My Response? The day I stop learning…I’m probaby dead. LOL He said “Grandma, then please keep learning”! Get ready because I’m probably going to have alot of questions. THANQ in advance for your assistance! And btw…Best $20 Im spending each month!!!


Hi! I’m Dave. As there are a lot of Dave’s on the internet, I use Mo (short for Moses) for computer related items as a nickname. The nickname from teenage years but later used in gaming. I ran a Quake Server using Red Hat long before GUI. Played around with Fedora and Mandrake when they first came out. I gave up gaming and didn’t continue with Linux for maybe 25 years.

Have you noticed with every Windows release… Your computer gets more bogged down by background activity? The computer becomes slower than earlier technology versions, as if it’s busier than I need it to be? (Not from viruses or Bitcoin mining either).

I’ve programmed in the early days (Basic, fortran, cobalt, Borland C) and have just finished Jeff Pro’s beginner Python classes. I highly recommend it!

There is a ton to say and much I’ve done. But I’ll leave it at a simple intro. Glad to be back to Linux and Programming!


Hi - I was banned by an admin too, within about a week of signing up, and I didn’t remember posting anything at all. But if I had, it certainly wouldn’t have been anything but supportive. I’ve been clueless ever since and can’t see anyone’s comments, and until a similar post by email today, I couldn’t find a way to inquire about this. Any suggestions, anyone?

Welcome! You’re right on abt windows. I finally stopped dual booting, now linux only. My computer runs faster, smoother.
What linux distro is your favorite and why? I always go back to Ubuntu
There are so many helpful people in this group! They have certainly helped me.

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I have settled on Ubuntu mostly for the apps that come with it, the networking and it matches my blade server!
There are tons of Distro options but unless you install and test them, I think you just stick with the tried and true that have worked!


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Just getting started. I want to learn how to boot a chromebook into an appropriate distro from usb to test it. I am at square 1. I need to start my marble notebook by listing out my system components and understand if it has a wp screw…

My win10 acer laptop is on its last legs. I would like to get the chromebook converted before the laptop dies. I feel like i am ready to live without a windows machine

Hi and welcome!
As far as I know, you are not able to boot a Chromebook from a USB as you would a regular laptop. If you are looking to convert your Chromebook to Linux, you can sometimes find out where your wp is, and what type you have a screw, switch, or a chip on the manufacturers website, but sometimes you have to do some searching. What version Chromebook is it?
Also, just thought i would warn you, i have converted several Chromebooks, mostly Dells cause they are much easier to work with (IMO) and there are several drawbacks on running them with Linux. One is the limited storage, you can always compensate with external though. Another is I have run into issues with audio, webcam, WiFi, and other driver issues depending on which distro and which Chromebook i used. The best distro by far has been Manjaro XFCE for the Dells.
That said, you said your Acer windows laptop is having issues? If it is just software issues, you may consider installing on that instead. As long as you can access the bios and boot menu, you should be able to boot from a Linux USB for the install and just completely get rid of windows.
Good luck and let me know if i can help.


This is the place I ws dreaming of and never found previously!
I am so glad I did before loosing any hope in normality.
Most probably there will be an answer to my question, but I will ask anyway:
My laptop has:
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60 GHz
Installed RAM 4.00 GB|
And I have 220GB free space +
Could I have a Linux OS as a second OS?
If answer is yes, Is there a way of doing it safely and without any problems that some of the videos on YT are not covering.
Not that I am very fond of TheirTube but also if there is any other platform that is not eating into my habits and interests that I could learn from, your asnwers will be very much appreciated.

Thank you
P.S. I have used Linux in the distant pass and most probably forgot all about it due to forced use of WOS at work.

Welcome JCme
did you look in the tutorial section Install Mint on Windows system - set up for Dual Boot the most important thing is to back up all your important files s as not to lose them… I might recommend that you maybe pickup an older used laptop (lots of friend and relatives have unused older “lappys” laying around) take out the old hard drive, upgrade to a new Solid-State Drive, and put a fresh Linux Install on it … I have done this for many friends and relatives … then I destroy the old drive as they watch … they really like that part …

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Hi Lance, Welcome fellow CDN. Degoogeled several fones with LineageOS and Calyxos. There is a version of Ubuntu touch as well. GraheneOS for newer models also looks very good.

Hi JCme, I’m sure you’ve figured out how to dual boot your machine, there’s lots of room for Mint Cinnamon or Ubuntu. There is lots here that will help you if not. -Norse

Hi everyone. I’ve bounced around few different OS in my time. OSX machine is outdated, and windoze makes me ill.
So far Ubuntu running OK, Proton and Steam running the game I play OK. I am just trying NOT to break anything again as I go forth my learning. Feels so good to be free. Get ready for some goofy questions.


Hello! My name is Renee & I was introduced by a friend to Jeff’s telegram & was SO excited to hear about Linux. I am currently a Windows 10 user & want desperately to be free from the Microsoft / Apple (iPhone) technologies as much as possible. However, I am quite computer illiterate & feel like crying right now because I’m lost & wondering whether I will be able to free myself from the e-tyranny. I have been on all 3 Saturday classes since I signed up, but am feeling quite bewildered & discouraged. I would like to purchase another computer on which to install Linux, but can’t decide which to purchase! In the May 13 class I was encouraged to watch the ‘best old laptop to get’ video which recommended an oldish IBM Thinkpad along with the site as a good place to purchase used computers. I spent a bit of time hunting there, but really don’t know what to choose, or if this is the way to go. Apologies for whining, but if anyone has any suggestions or guidance, it is most appreciated. Thanks for listening!

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I am MikeyW in Ga aka Ga Shepherd. Married to an incredible woman for nearly 30 yrs now. We have 2 kids, I have 4 kids total, all are adults. Been preparing for times like this for over 10 years. Planting first garden ever. Got foods in cans, vacuum sealed bags, 25 yr shelf life freeze dried. Learning to dehydrate foods for later usage. I spent time in lots of jobs, a cotton mill, Submarine Service, milk, juice, water bottling companies.

I’ve bought Raspberry Pis to learn some line commands, Linux type programs. Never mastered any of it. I am here to relearn open source programs.

Hi Renee, welcome! Don’t even worry about feeling lost, when I first started out , I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Heck, after two years I still have too look things up cause I either forget stuff, or something new pops up and I haven’t a clue! I used windows for 30+ years before I even heard of Linux, so it is a big change, but one I find well worth the effort of learning. Even my mom who is in her late 70s uses a converted Chromebook that I gave her with Linux Manjaro installed. There are a lot of great people on here to help, as well as the chat on telegram. I search here often when I run into an issue, almost every time either find the answer already here, or someone helps me out. I’ve messed up degoogling a Pixel, installing Linux on various devices, and just plain old me being dumb and forgetting stuff I’ve done before.

As for purchasing a computer, I almost always go with older Dell laptops with at least 4GB RAM and as little as 100GB storage on the drive. I don’t usually store anything on my hard drive, if i need to keep it, I usually copy to my external drive so i don’t mess something up and loose it . Are you looking for a computer with Linux already installed? Or do you want to install yourself? Feel free to contact me any time, I will be happy to help you.

You can send me a message thru here, or email me That is also my website , which lists all of my public contact info. I will help in any way I can. Good Luck!


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Good afternoon folks. Larry here in Virginia. I’ve just become intrigued with Linux after reading a few articles today. I definitely want to get my digital privacy back! I’d appreciate any feedback that will point me in the right direction to learn the steps to take in getting started on this journey.

Hi Larry. You came to the right place, lots of people to help and lots of information. If you get stuck or have questions feel free to contact me at Welcome!

hi there I am so happy that i have discovered Linux, Just a thought, they are planning in inserting microchips in humans hands as a means of authentication to be able to function in society. Beware of anything related to bill gates and his windows operating system, its only purpose is to spy on all humans to track them and control them if they oppose the views of the elite technocrats… 5G will be their tool to track us all…thank God for Linux…

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Hi all. Been wanting to do this for a long time. I ran ubuntu and linux on a small laptop years ago but landed up going mainstream because all the places i worked did and i wasn’t sure how to make them work together. I am still clueless but see the need to push through and make things work now. Time is right. The digital enslavement approaching is definitely motivation. Those that stand up and will not comply are the bees knees in my opinion so lets go!
I will be downloading Linux today. How does one enroll in the latest class?
Thanks all for journeying together.
God bless!