Say hello and introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Mike and I’ve been following Jeff for almost a year on TG. Been dragging my feet getting started for a few months but I’m finally in the groove. Like most others, I want more privacy and security.

I have some prior experience with Unix/Linux, just never became expert at it. I’m a retired long time IT guy who started as a NetWare admin, moved to Microsoft and Cisco before I transitioned into management and the tech magic I possessed slipped from my fingertips after a few years of managing teams/projects. I did get trained as a SCO Unix admin a long time ago, played with early Linux distros when they truly sucked to get working, and have installed and ran a few newer distros in the least couple years but never committed fully to it. Ready to make that change now.

Have toyed with the of becoming a PEN tester, will see if that becomes something eventually.

Looking forward to the journey with you all.

Hi anyone. Just joined, looking forward to learning more about linux, degoogling and anything else interesting to stay distanced from google and invasive tech altogether. Is there any info here on how to degoogle or install custom os for a samsung zflip 3 american model and an acer spin 311?