Say hello and introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Mike and I’ve been following Jeff for almost a year on TG. Been dragging my feet getting started for a few months but I’m finally in the groove. Like most others, I want more privacy and security.

I have some prior experience with Unix/Linux, just never became expert at it. I’m a retired long time IT guy who started as a NetWare admin, moved to Microsoft and Cisco before I transitioned into management and the tech magic I possessed slipped from my fingertips after a few years of managing teams/projects. I did get trained as a SCO Unix admin a long time ago, played with early Linux distros when they truly sucked to get working, and have installed and ran a few newer distros in the least couple years but never committed fully to it. Ready to make that change now.

Have toyed with the of becoming a PEN tester, will see if that becomes something eventually.

Looking forward to the journey with you all.

Hi anyone. Just joined, looking forward to learning more about linux, degoogling and anything else interesting to stay distanced from google and invasive tech altogether. Is there any info here on how to degoogle or install custom os for a samsung zflip 3 american model and an acer spin 311?

Thank you Ai!

I just followed recorded sessions 12 & 15 in the learning management system and was able to complete the steps you suggested.

Many thanks,

You are so very welcome, love hearing good news, and btw, I am just paying it forward!

It has only been a year, I am finding myself playing with setting up the Secured Key login while the root login is disabled. Surprised I got it in a few tries.

The point is, we never know how much we actually know until it’s time to fix something. :slight_smile:

Happy FOSS/Linux-ing!

Hi everyone, my name is Susan. My Linux laptop is very new to me. I’m primarily using it for browsing and email until I can figure everything out. I’ve had a few problems with my screens freezing when I have multiple windows open. But, overall the experience is good so far. I’m very impressed with the response team when one is having problems.

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Wow lots of new people. I’m Ken and after a lot of procrastination, I finally installed Mint on my Lenovo YOGA laptop along side Win10. I’ve been watching JP’s Technology Chat on Telegram for over 6 months, and finally took the plunge. I want to get a lot more familiar with Linux and eventually replace my Windows desktop.


Hi! I am new here. I follow a bit on Telegram and want what everyone else here wants…privacy online. I want to be able to shop and work without the prying eyes of our government. :slight_smile: Any advice on where to start would be great. I have a newer laptop and tablet but ok with investing in something older. I use Quickbooks and would like to get away from it to something open source if you have any suggestions after I get the computer set up that would be great.

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Hi Jelaine. I have installed Linux on both older and newer Laptops, and while I honestly have had fewer issues with most of the older ones, I have not run into too many issues with newer ones. If you need any help, feel free to message me, I will help if I can. I’ve installed Linux for people locally, helped people with installs over the phone, and even had someone send me their laptop, did the install, and sent it back. You can certainly do it!

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Hello, I am Kelly - a freedom loving software developer who is interested in learning how to leave Big Tech behind! I have lots of questions! I am ready to dive into putting Linux on an old ASUS laptop (once I figure out which version to install), ready for a Linux phone (currently use an iPhone 8), and would love to redo my daughter’s tablet if that’s do-able (Samsung Tab A). I also have questions about parental controls on devices with Linux - do they exist? Any suggestions? I’m in the beginner’s course and learning all I can. If only I could take a few months off and really dive in!

Hi Kelly, I’m Kat. Welcome, I just know you’ll love it. Have you tried out any distros yet? I know a lot of people like Linux Mint, its pretty user friendly and great for learning on with lots of online support if you run into issues. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll also find lots of helpful people on here too!

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Thanks Kat! I’ll take a look. I haven’t tried any yet!

Hey all Hank here just wondering where to start i have a lenovo Y20 i think and a spare HD should i start with new install on the spare drive withe Linux or mint or Ubuntu…and where do i download a copy of them?
Not computer savy or illiterate somewhere in-between…Christian conservative newly retired plenty of time to explore…

Hi there Hank! My first foray into Linux was on a Lenovo Thinkpad with Windows 10 a few years ago. In my opinion (you know the saying about those😊), Linux Mint is a lot more beginner friendly than Ubuntu. Also check out Zorin OS, its my favorite.
They are easy to download, just go to the Linux Mint, or Ubuntu, or whatever OS you choose, and you will find download and install instructions. Best thing is, once you have them on a USB drive, you can try them before making any permanent changes to your computer.
If you need any help, there are always lots of knowledgeable folks on here, or you can shoot me a message and I’ll help if I can.
Good luck and have fun!

Hey Hank,
Kat - FOSS and Linux is right on. Mint is a great start. CinnaMint on my old Lenovo [2006] runs great. Had it as a dual boot (windows and Mint), and running with an external HD to test different distros. Mint is a great start IMO - finds all your hardware like wifi etc with a familiar interface.
You’ll need the bios menu on start-up (hold Function 12 or 10) to select what you want to do.
Good luck and welcome.

Been wanting to learn how to disconnect from the prying eyes of big tech for last few years but didn’t know how to get started bc of my minimal knowledge of coding or programming and felt it too difficult to grasp, but spending some time in the telegram chat has changed my attitude of learning and grasping how to use Linux and incorporate FOSS in my new digital life. Father of three young children and plan to keep them away from the grasp of our current parasitic, anti-freedom, data collecting way of interacting online. Not as sharp as I as I use to be at the ripe age of 50 but will make up for it with tenacity and a knowing that every single soul can create a better world for our children as long as we aim our intentions in the right direction. HELLO AND THRILLED TO BE HERE!!


Hi Lance! You came to the right place, lots of great people here to help you. It will be a lot easier than you think, just take it one step at a time. If I can learn with nothing more than basic computer skills, anyone can. I am not always the best student either. Welcome and Good Luck!!

I’m John from Winnipeg MB. I try to use Linux on every computer I have. One has Pure OS the other Fedora. Too bad my work computer needs to run windows software. Would be great to find a way to run Linux on my Galaxy S9.

Hi. I’m from South Africa. I’m intending to move over to Linux from Windows 10.

I’m a tech grad. But have 0 experience with Linux others than the exposure over the last few months.

I had cinnamon mint down loaded, but I don’t know what I’m doing as I’m so used to the gui windows environment. I feel completely out of my elements.

Hi KatM! appreciate the feedback and just signed up for the Beginners Course so eager to get started! My understanding is that someone from the team will reach out next 48hrs to provide more info about the course.

I do have a question about whether this course is also focused on preparing students to pass the LFCS exam, aside from learning how to run and operate Linux for personal use?