Say hello and introduce yourself!

Hello, I have been planning on taking this course since I first learned of Jeff on Telegram a couple of years ago. I need a new career and decided it’s time begin my Linux journey. I am sure the journey will lead me to a great career but I’m not sure what it will be. A friend installed Ubuntu on two of my old mac laptops and brought them back to life.


Hello everyone! I’m here to learn about being digitally free! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello! You definitely came to the right place. I’ve gotten lots of help here. Let me know if you need any help.


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I have introduced myself and tried to get going twice, only to realize I was in way over my head and couldn’t even speak the language. I just finally took my computer to my friend who is a tech guru and has his own company maintaining business systems and had him convert my computer to Linux. So now I am jumping in the deep end of the pool without a life jacket. I got it back yesterday, and he immediately left town on vacation, so I have no backup. Just the way it worked out. I was very proud of myself yesterday, when I discovered that my touchpad wasn’t working correctly. I managed to figure out what a bash shell was, used it to figure out what version of Linux he put on it (Mint 21.1) and figured out how to fix the touch pad (it wasn’t tapping to click). I also managed to figure out how to get most of my internet accounts up and running again, including this one. However, my touch screen is also not working right, and I can’t figure out how to fix that. I can’t scroll with it, or click on it, although it does highlight individual letters when I touch the screen.

Also, I’m such a beginner that I don’t have the vocabulary at all. You all very kindly tell me things, but I have no idea what the words mean. I literally would be slightly better off trying to read Greek or Latin, as I actually do have several years of home school study of those languages with my child.

Today I spent several hours watching a channel called codemonkey on youtube, and no, it doesn’t seem to be Ron Watkins. It is a company that does programming classes for elementary age students. After several hours of that, I did start to understand a few words and concepts like objects, loops, variables, sequencing, arrays and for loops. I have no idea whether what I’m learning applies to linux. It says it is “coffee” which is apparently simplified Java, and I don’t know if Java is Linux. I’m a real idiot with this stuff. I’m the proverbial grandma who can’t program her remote or phone, and needs her child to do it. Actually, I’m not a grandma yet, I started late, but I’m grandma age.

So my questions are, how to I get my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 touchscreen to work, and are there any computer programming channels for elementary age kids for Linux, like that codemonkey channel? I really need something with that level of pedogogy where I can practice each step as I learn the vocabulary (and yes, I was a teacher).

Hi blessedandold,

Good for you to start working with bash! That is the heart of Linux.

Learning a language like Greek is not the same as learning computer terminology. Linux is not a language.

LearniingLinuxTV playlist

As a technical system, Linux has programs that manage and control your computer processes and hardware. The applications and drivers are written in programming languages like Java, Python or C++. Codemonkey (not RW) :wink: is about learning code which is great to learn to program, but not really going to help you understand your new Linux Operating System.

Linux Journey web site might be a good way to get oriented. It breaks down the situation into clear and easy to understand chapters.

Regarding the touchscreen, Linux Mint is a great Linux system because it is very good at “seeing” and communicating with your hardware. My Lenovo touchscreen works in Mint with no issues.

Dell Computers mentions that a BIOS update can affect the touchscreen. I wonder if your Dell BIOS has not been updated. It seems possible that Linux May have a newer ‘driver’ for your touchscreen. Learn about drivers

Dell Tech note - touchscreen scroll down to [DELL-Rishi] reply.

Hopefully your Tech person can help with the BIOS if that is the problem.

My name is Randy, and I started on this project by installing Linux on an old Apple desktop that would not run anymore. After the new OS absolutely resurrected the machine, I bought a new HP machine and installed Linux Mint. This is now the computer I use most. The most recent project is switching from IOS to Graphene. I’m over halfway there - I bought a new Google Pixel phone and installed Graphene without a hitch (followed directions!). Now working on getting the accessory apps (Maps, password vault, better camera software, etc.). I like the idea that Big Tech will be using less of MY data so there will be just a little less monetization of other’s assets in the world.


Hey, everyone: I’m back. Been “gone” from the Forums for almost a year. Life. Stuff.

I’m really feeling the “pull” to get into FOSS more and more. Ubuntu has been installed on a partition on my MS Wintel OS 8.2, and I like it. I may switch to Mint, and install on a used laptop as my ASUS gaming machine is too heavy to be “mobile” in a backpack or computer briefcase.

Work. Jobs. Gigs. I freelance, and so far have had no luck on LinkedIn when I search on FOSS tools, for example, looking for companies that use LibreOffice instead of MS Office, and who post open jobs.

Anyone have any tips and tricks for me in this regard, or who know of companies using FOSS who are hiring?


Lady JC

Hello everyone! I’m new here, but have wanted to go this direction since Windows 8. Finally I found somewhere to learn about Linux. I look forward to opting out of the Big Tech Realm!


Hello all. Just started up after watching Jeff’s Telegram account. Can someone point me towards a linux mint download?
I’m afraid to just google due to security concerns.

I left for a couple months and came home, booted up and presented a blue screen. I was running Linux Mint. My computer is an HP pavilion. I have a back up disk. But the computer doesn’t recognize it. so I got a new thumb drive and used Rufus to make a new download of linux 22.04.01 but it doesn’t recognize it either. So now what can I do

Hi Folks, long time Windows user who installed Zorin on an old laptop earlier this year and now want to learn more about taking back control. Have a degoogled pixel 7 pro running grapheneos, vut am tied to Windows because of work. Want to learn more about using lunux - maybe time to sign up for a jeff course!

Welcome to the Party … every journey starts with the first step …


did you go into your “bios” on start up and disable " Secure Boot" … depending on the computer your using … there are several different ways that is achieved …

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welcome … like you I started the same way … old laptop … then following posts here … loaded GrapheneOS on the first cell phone that I bought in over 18 years or so just to be able to take the classes … was finding it hard when places like banks and such were requiring accounts be tied to “smart phone” numbers … I do recommend signing up as all the classes from the very beginning can be accessed and gone over from the recordings …


Will start with the classes. Thank you so much for your advice.
Much appreciated!

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Thank you. I didn’t actually load GrapheneOS myself, I bought a degoogled Pixel 7 Pro from a supplier here in Ireland. It’s working really well, and the Aegis authorisation app (as recommended by the good people at Above Phone) is working very well to give me 2FA on lots of apps. My bank was willing to switch me back to using SMS for 2FA (their own authorisation app required Google services). I believe I will sign up for a Jeff course, but it will likely be in the autumn as things are busy right now.

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Yep … summer is my busy time also … after getting the phone going, but before I was able to tie it to the bank, I ran into a bank log in problem and contacted the “IT” guy … had his direct number on old fashion Biz-phone speed dial … he wanted to “join my desktop remotely” to help out with the problem … I informed him that I had “dumped windoze” and I didn’t think that was possible … His reply was “smart move” … He reset the account and I redid all passwords and security questions …that was over two years ago and I have never … (knock on wood) … had any problems since logging on. never did give out the GrapheneOS phone number …

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