Say hello and introduce yourself!

@Turomir Welcome to the forums and the first step in taking back your digital freedom. Any questions that you might have? post it in the questions portion as a new question and someone will undoubtedly help. Cheers!!

Hello from Switzerland,
I recently had IT support to install Linux Mint on my laptop, now I have to learn how to use it​:laughing::laughing: With the first look it seems very user friendly but where do I start? Some seminars for beginners?
Thank you,

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Hello. My name is Taryn and I have been using a Linux for the last couple of years…quite honestly, I know that I haven’t used it to it’s potential. A friend of mine salvaged this tower and put Linux on it and gave it to my family to use. I have learned a lot but think I can learn more. Anyone have advice on a browser? Firefox is currently installed. I’m open to something more private but unsure what direction to go. Thank you all in advance. Please to ‘meet’ you all :blush:

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@Grisu there is a great class offered here for a reasonable price there are a ton of archived lessons so that you can go back and learn from the beginning or to just pick and choose the topics that interest you. If you any specific questions please post it under Questions and someone will be sure to answer you. Cheers and welcome to taking back your digital freedom!!

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@Tarynleigh I am pretty new myself but after listening to the debates I went with Brave for my browser and if that interests you @vasileios wrote a great script to download it and install it from the command line:


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@Grisu, to add to @BigDaveAZ’s suggestion (I love the beginner’s class he mentioned, done so much with Linux with those lessons). I also suggest just poke around as you try to use it as any other machine you had before. When I have questions, I usually search online, then here. If I am still stuck, I will post a question here.

Welcome, enjoy your adventure into the Linux/FOSS land!


Hello! Brand new and seeking to learn. I am very grateful to have found this forum.


Thank you for the reply.
I don’t find any information for the beginner’s class here. Can you send me the link please?
Thank you!


I’m new to Jeff Pro forums. I’m running Ubuntu on an old Dell Inspiron 15. I upgraded to a 4GB SSD and maxed out the ram before installing. It’s working pretty well. Thunderbird Mail serves my purposes.

I have a Lenovo M10 FHD plus that I want to install Ubuntu touch. I’m not sure where to start.

I also want to learn to navigate the LINUX world.

Happy Wednesday,


They open up for enrollment every month. You can either watch Jeff’s Telegram channel (Telegram: Contact @jeffrey_peterson)for announcement or write to to see if there are still openings.

@Tybeeman, welcome!

Looks like you are doing very well already!

I don’t have touch screen devices but I can tell you that I’m learning Linux by problems I encountered and most of time solving them. Lots of answers online and here. Linux for Beginners Jeff and Vasileios teach are super helpful for a newbie like me.

If you are interested taking the class, watch for the monthly announcement on Jeff’s Telegram (Telegram: Contact @jeffrey_peterson)) or write to see if there are still openings.

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Hello all,
My name is Sandra (rasses2)
I am a granny who 10 years ago started using Mint and Suse with the help of my IT guy. I enjoyed the experience for the most part but I was still working and had two major programs that were not Linux compatible. We tried using Windows within the Linux but it because too much for me and I did not have the time to learn the basics. Now that I am retired I have the time to study and I am motivated by the desire to secure my privacy. My goal is to switch to a laptop with a Linux OS and then to tackle the issue of finding a secure phone. Later I might consider a private VPN and Cloud if I make it that far. LOL I am so grateful for this forum and the Linux Course. Thanks Jeff for making this happen. Vasileios I just love your cheerful smile and your input. Jeff your voice is so reassuring and calm. God Bless you both.


@rasses2 I agree Jeff and @vasileios are a godsend. Keep up the learning, it helps. Cheers!!

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