VPN and VPS Setup

Don’t worry - found it.

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It was the Linux for beginners course I was fortunate enough to get in on the first group. However, I am sure having been through it there will be others happy to help.

You mentioned that you are looking to install it on a Mac. Just wondering if you have a Linux machine set up yet. If you do, I and others might be able to help you through the steps we learned.

Sorry for the confusing start to this thread, I feel some responsibility to help others heading down this path and am glad to help.

Jenny, its been a while since I reviewed this thread. I assume you got the question answered. Basically, what you do is you open your settings in you local machine.

Then go to Network.

Then in the network menu you will see a VPN section. Press the + button then you can link to the open vpn config file that you created in previous steps.

Once you do that you can flip the switch and turn on the VPN. However before you do you can go out to a website that tells you your IP address I used ipchicken.com. Make note of the address before you flip the switch.

Then flip the switch on turning on the VPN. Then you should be able to go out again to ipchicken.com and see that you are now accessing the web through the IP address of your VPS.

Yes, I did get it worked out but thanks for your response!

Hi Nestling,

Thanks for your message. I’ve managed to get OpenVPN working on the Mac desktop, the Linux desktop and Linux laptop. Now, just in the process of having a go adding it to my iPad and iPhone.
Really appreciate your kind offer to help. I’ll see how my attempt goes and let you know what happens hehe…must say, its quite fun and turning into a great hobby.

Very helpful, thank you

Found out,, using it.

just trying to understand the basics on VPS. I have a couple existing websites built on wordpress, hosted by BlueHost. If I have a VPS, say, on Linode, do I then transfer my existing sites to my Linode, and cancel BlueHost? Am I thinking correctly?


I want to know that too.
I have a website created and hosted on Wix, how would i transfer it to my own VPS?

Hey @Gdaiva!
Wix is a real pain as they revel in their proprietary… well, everything. I used to have my company’s website on them and then I saw that there was no way to export it. So, I had to design it from scratch. Ever since, I use only Wordpress as it gives you the option to jump providers or host it by yourself.

OMG! I used to have my website on wordpress and hosted on godaddy, but they kept trying to sell stuff i dont understand, im not doing much, but i want to keep my simple website, so i created from scratch on wix (well, if you can call it from scratch), and now i need to do it again?
I dont know if i have it in me? :slightly_frowning_face:
i have to think about it

Moving all this digital stuff, Linux, mail, pictures, docs, websites, passwords, etc…gosh i didnt realize that before, its like moving to another country…i did, wouldnt do it again :sweat: :sweat_smile:

I completely understand your pain! I did the exact same thing. From Wordpress to Wix and back to Wordpress too. Though the app has evolved a lot with the newer plugins and editing tools.

:laughing: been there myself! I found myself staying in the US about 3 years ago, when I had a tiny suitcase for a max of something less than a month.

@vasileios i just watched in class 26 Virtualization. Do you think its possible to move everything via Virtual machine? Providing i’ll figure out how to use that :rofl:

You will still need to get all your files out. From there, you can copy them under a Windows folder on your Linux installation and share it with your Windows VM. Then, they will all become available to your Windows installation. :slight_smile:

I feel your pain, just recently moved my daily computer into Linux… spent the whole day fixing up the configuration for my email client today, my music library yesterday… But I must say it’s working pretty well though!

Hope you will be enjoying your computer again, this almost feels like the pride of eating the bread I made from scratch the very first time!


yes, i hope so, im very proud that i already installed :sweat_smile:

thank you for your encouragement!


@vasileios thank you for your patience, Vasileios!!
Im sorry, i know i sound like ass sometimes, this is totally new skills to me, but i promise i’ll be more kind!

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Hey @Gdaiva!
No need to worry. We all have our good days and our not so good ones. I’ve been there myself quite a few times. :slight_smile:


@Minty I have been using Nord VPN as I already had a subscription, but you can set up your own on a VPS. Check out this post. VPN and VPS Setup

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