Say hello and introduce yourself!

Hey @Pvt.Jedi!
Open up a new Topic and then select to start your terminal window. Once you do, please execute the following command:


Press enter and post the output in the new topic.

Thank you for the heads up @BigDaveAZ!


Hello everyone!
New here trying to learn

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Welcome @Mark2.22 !
You came to the best place. The place to get you to all the right places for Linux.

@Pvt.Jedi I had the same problem. There was a driver I overlooked because it had (AirPort Extreme) when I installed it, my router worked. I think System Settings - Internet was where I found it.

I’ve worked on Linux before, but never understood the underpinnings, nor installed
I abandoned the Linux machine on an old PC when I needed to upgrade to X64 to stay on Telegram and didn’t know how; didn’t want to take the time.
Am desperate now because I must get off the PC laptop I’m using now; ran out of money for the Kaspersky anti-virus and running on Windows defender… Can already tell I’m compromised. Tick Tock
The PC messes with my files.
I have an old laptop, got the specs, decided on Marjaro; or I thought I did
However, I cannot read any of the instructions, too many arcane references
I got a chip/ memory stick; downloaded the Manjaro files.
Trying to learn how to boot from it.
Can’t read instructions.
Been stuck for a week.
Also, on the laptop I plan to use, don’t have Admin password; or lost it, Was using it as a “guest” , Windows 7

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Hi Folks.
Names Terry. I’m from Durham in the northeast of the UK “Land of Princes and Bishops”
Semi Retired ROV Pilot / Engineer. Worked the last 28 year globetrotting working on Fiber Optical cable lay / repair ships.
Dabbled with Redhat about 14 year ago and made a full switch to Linux 8 year ago (all self taught) Currently running Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.3. I use a multi country VPN for the net and a Sock5 proxy for programs what connect directly through my ISP gateway.
Had a small business about 10 year ago designing and hosting websites etc. Mainly all on Wordpress.
Never had a smart phone always used a dumb phone. Booted off twitter and FB about 4 year ago. Fly Fisherman and keen Astronomer.
I’ve been on Telegram channel since it first kicked off.
An absolute breath of fresh air and so inspiring for newbies to Linux. Touche Jeff…I don my cap and praise your determination for what you are doing.
I look forward to being part of this tremendous community.


Hey. New to all of this. Tech challenged, stumble on stuff all the time. Now I want to know more about getting away from those controlling us. I have a vague idea, don’t know the lingo or how/why it does what it does. We had floppy disk when I had a class. Lol

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@TDee @Indissol welcome to the group and congratulations on taking your first step towards retaking YOUR digital freedom. It is a great group and everyone is very helpful.


Hi! I’m Persephone. I’m just getting started on Linux. My first project is a 2005 (or thereabouts) MacBookPro. However, I think I took out the hard drive (wanted to destroy it separately from the computer, but then never destroyed either), so getting it checked now - also the battery. I’ve chosen one of the Garuda distros to start with; we’ll see!

A couple of my sons had installed Linux on a computer they built for a homeschool project in high school, but I didn’t spend any time on it.

I also have an old raspberry pi 2. My daughter forgot her password, so I’m waiting for my sd card to arrive so I can reload it and start playing.

I’ve been a Mac gal for almost 20 years, but Apple is moving in the wrong direction. I’m glad I get to keep learning and that there are developed alternatives.

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@Persephone Welcome to your digital freedom. Everyone here is very helpful and will spend the time to help with whatever you need. Cheers!!

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Greetings everyone! My name is Steve and I’m in the process of moving from Mac OS to Zorin on a repurposed Mac Mini. Updated the memory and replaced the drive with a 1TB SSD. So far so good but I am running into a few issues… Printer/Scanner issues primarily.

Anyway, happy to be here and hope to learn and maybe some day even contribute.

See you around


Welcome Steve!
There are a few Mac converts here, including myself. You found a good place here. Enjoy!


Hello everyone. Short time listener, first time poster. Have a Dell laptop and installed Ubuntu 20.04 about a month ago. Did something that removed my printer and have been reading and researching how to get it back without any success for a couple of weeks. Finally decided I don’t have a lot on the PC yet, so I want to wipe out the original install and start over. Can I do that by plugging in the USB again or will it create a new “instance” of Linux instead of overwriting the original install?

@ffighter60 A new install will be a new install not just a new instance. As long as you have backed up your files, have at it. Let us know how it goes.

Thank you, that is good to hear. I have removed the few files I created and will sign off and do it now.

Thanks, @BigDaveAZ! I’m also in AZ.

If I can’t get my old MacBookPro to work, I’ve got a few other old Macs to try out. I’ll get there. I’m not in a huge hurry, but I also think that the sooner the better.

I appreciate the welcome and look forward to learning and more freedom!

Can you recommend a book to get me started? (I’m all about books!)

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@Persephone I used to be an avid reader, but I have had a couple of strokes and now I don’t read books so much anymore. But that does not mean that we can’t get a few book titles thrown at you, what do you think @vasileios ?

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Welcome @ffighter60
When you run the install using the usb it will see the installed distro and give you options. If you want to replace your current system select erase disk and install. If it fubars no worries. Do it again. Its usually only a few minutes.

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@BigDaveAZ. Thanks for the confidence. Wiped the disk clean and installed it fresh. Doesn’t look like the printer came up naturally, but now I can go about setting it up from a fresh start. I’ll be back if can’t figure out how to get the printer to show up. Thanks again.

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Hi, I’m 1stVillager, AKA Grant.
I’ve been watching the Telegram channel for a long time and enjoying all the comments. I have a desktop and a librem laptop, both now running Kubuntu. Doing very well, handling all the basics.
I now want to get off of my iPhones and iPad Pro, where I still do most of my work running a small business doing short-term rentals. Biggest concern is the iPhones due to combined risks with cell tower /GPS tracking and internet.
Looking for solutions, 1st for hardware, then help with conversions while trying to minimize loss of functionality in the transition.
Thanks for providing such a valuable service.

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