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@blessedandold I am not the same Dave, sorry. If it is an older computer I would hesitate to put the newest version of Mint on it, but there is no better way to learn the basics than installing a new version (either in a dual boot or a remove and replace). As the saying goes - there is nothing to it, but to do it. Make sure you have everything saved from the “beater”, if you have been saving to the hard drive. will be where to get Mint and the instructions for installation. Your first step will be to download the .iso file from the website mentioned above. The Instructions from there can be found at Linux Mint Installation Guide — Linux Mint Installation Guide documentation. If it is an older laptop I have had good experience with If you want more options for distros (what the different distributions or flavors of Linux are called) for beginners check out Top 9 Best Linux Distributions for Beginners [2022]. What Windoze program were you using to write? If it was just MS Word than the Word Processor component of Libre Office (which comes already bundled on most beginner distros). Let us know how it goes or post a question under the questions topic. Good Luck and we are here for you. Cheers!

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We only got the “beater” a week ago, and have just been noodling around on it. Hubby is satisfied with it, so I’ll probably just leave it alone. The one I’m typing on right now is the next project. It is a Dell Inspiron 15-5000 and I think I’ve had it about 2 years. It has suddenly been getting unstable when I’m on telegram in the last week, and I’m afraid Microsoft probably put something on it to make us unable to access telegram. I’m just sick of Bill Gates, and I don’t trust him further than I can throw him.

I was using whatever iteration of Microsoft Windows was around in the late nineties and early 2000’s. I don’t even remember what it was.


@blessedandold very cool. Let us know if you need anything.

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Hi, 5mac5.

Thanks for the post. I started out my computer studies on a Wang computer several years ago.
I converted a Chromebook to ubuntu, now I need to install additional software. Learning ins and outs takes time for sure. Please keep in touch.

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@Mr.C , I am working on G7 lake , got a similar error and had to enable wifi on the phone temporarily and then the usb debugging and the oem were available. Also, now I have an error when running "fastboot flash boot ". After some research it seams to be an error related to usb port support in my computer (swift acer3). I am having a new computer coming that I had ordered before. Will post my result then.

How’s it going? I’ve been reading a lot in the Telegram group and took the leap. Converted an old HP laptop to Linux Mint Cinnamon. Works like new. Starting to study Python to be able to do my own thing at some point. It’s amazing how much technology can be a useful tool when it isn’t controlling you!

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@Cjlauterbur Welcome to the first step of regaining your digital freedom. Any questions? Just post them in the Questions topic and someone is usually around to help. @vasileios is a master of all things Linux. Cheers!


Just browsing the introductions.
It’s great to see everyone! Personally, I saw Jeff on the Steve Bannon show back in August-September. I had been on Telegram since its release and immediately came to his channel. Life changed that day. I had been retired for 6 years already from IT and after many years of 24/7/365 I never wanted to see another computer. My journey began then with all old macs that I brought piece by piece back to life with Linux. These were VERY old macs…G4 and G5 towers, G4 laptop, early Intel MacMini and a couple of Macbooks (pre-pro) with broken displays. So starting with that hot mess, I’ve graduated to a bank of HP desktop towers configured as Ubuntu servers, Dell desktop tower as general workhorse, MSI desktop tower for gruntwork, Raspberry Pi with Kodi and a new HP laptop with Win10, Mint (daily driver), Ubuntu Studio and Manjaro as boot selections. Since September I have a library of distros and have installed over 200 times on test computers and units that are for sale. I’m 68 and starting a small business instead of drifting away in retirement. If anyone thinks all this downloading and installing is too much, sit back, have a cup of coffee then take another bite. Just like you eat a bear…one bite at a time. I’ve been Linuxing for 6 months. Imagine what you can do.
Lots of new folks here. WELCOME! Tons of knowledge here folks. And unlike most forums, everyone here cares and will help you.
Have a Blessed day!


Hi, @Mr.C
I have a moto G7 lake as well. I have not gotten an alternate os working on it yet. But I did unlock the boot loader.
I had to go to Motorola to get an unlock code by searching unlock bootloader for moto g7 plus. Then go into fastboot mode.
To get it in fastboot mode, hold down the down volume button and the power button. Then, move the volume buttons until you see switch tools mode. Press the power button and then read the text above POWER OK. It should now show tools mode unlocked.
Or connect to your phone to the computer and type “adb reboot bootloader” to get into fastboot mode. You should see an android.
Next type “fastboot devices” to verify your device is connected.
Finally, get the unlock info by typing
“Fastboot oem get_unlock_data”
You will get several lines of (bootloader) ########. Copy the numbers without the bootloader text or Motorola has a tool to strip bootloader for you. Sign into Motorola and find can my device be unlocked. Enter those numbers and request unlock key. They will email you the unlock key. This will erase everything on the phone.
To continue type
“Fastboot unlock (code_from_email)”
It will ask you to repeat it to confirm.
Then type fastboot reboot.
Then proceed with flashing.

• LineageOS said I needed to flash a moto stock ROM first. Then flash the alternate OS.
• depending on the computer, I had to type ./ before adb and fastboot.
I just have not had time for the final flash.
Good luck

Patty Heyano in southwest Alaska. I have an old iMac, MacBook, and iPhones that I want to degoogle deapple. I’m beginner and here to learn

Hi there. You will get some really good help and advice here, and lots of encouragement. While you can de-Apple macs, unfortunately i phones are currently locked too tight to do anything with. I recently sold my iPhone 11 and bought a google pixel, de-googled it and installed calyx OS. That is probably your best and easiest route to go. Good luck!

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Thank you, your info helps. I won’t waste time on the iphones

Bill from Green Bay. Taking the first step today…and looking forward to removing “Big Tech” from my life.

Good morning! I’m not new to Linux but not a pro either! My first Linux install was on a 80286 and you had to compile your own kernel and know all your IRQ and Port assignments.

I’m a Mac guy now and use the terminal a lot. I have a 3D printer and am using a Raspberry Pi using Octoprint. I’m in the process of adding my laser engraver to the same Octoprint server.

I lurk and post sometimes on the Jeff.Pro telegram channel and generally just like working with computers.

My son and I are learning to become ham radio operators and are planning on taking our Technical and General license on the same day.

Plex is about to be installed on an old MacPro 2008 and want to use the same box as a NAS.

I’m looking for ideas.


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Hello Everyone! Excited to be here!

Need Help getting the wifi working on my new Mint install. Everything is fine but wifi is not working. I am a total newb to Linux. Please help!

Hi my name is Julien,

I am a computer engineer. I have previous experience with linux professionally but not personnally. Just finished the installation of LinuxMint cinnamon on a macbook pro 2018. I am polishing the install so that all the hardware work - it is great fun. I was able to find all my usual apps in this distro.

Happy about how easy it has been,


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Hi Everyone, Harv Lake from SW Montana

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Welcome @Pvt.Jedi - I am sure we can get that working for you. @vasileios what info do you need?

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welcome @harvlake Enjoy your break from Big Tech.