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Welcome @ffighter60
When you run the install using the usb it will see the installed distro and give you options. If you want to replace your current system select erase disk and install. If it fubars no worries. Do it again. Its usually only a few minutes.

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@BigDaveAZ. Thanks for the confidence. Wiped the disk clean and installed it fresh. Doesn’t look like the printer came up naturally, but now I can go about setting it up from a fresh start. I’ll be back if can’t figure out how to get the printer to show up. Thanks again.

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Hi, I’m 1stVillager, AKA Grant.
I’ve been watching the Telegram channel for a long time and enjoying all the comments. I have a desktop and a librem laptop, both now running Kubuntu. Doing very well, handling all the basics.
I now want to get off of my iPhones and iPad Pro, where I still do most of my work running a small business doing short-term rentals. Biggest concern is the iPhones due to combined risks with cell tower /GPS tracking and internet.
Looking for solutions, 1st for hardware, then help with conversions while trying to minimize loss of functionality in the transition.
Thanks for providing such a valuable service.

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Welcome @1stVillager!
You found the right place. If you don’t find your answer here in the forums there are more channels specific to your questions with tons of help.

Hey @BigDaveAZ!
I’m not a big book-reader myself. There are only a very few number of titles I’ve read, but I’ve listened to a good deal (I’m an auditory person). Thank you for the tag, once again. :smiley:

@Persephone, if your MacBook Pro refuses to boot into a Linux Live USB, you might want to consider installing rEFInd. It’s a boot-loader for the Macs that will allow you to easily boot from a Live USB thumb drive and properly install Linux. You will find more information on the link below:


Hey everyone!
I’m new here, but have dabbled with Linux several years ago. Im fully taking the plunge with a new ASUS Mini PC and no Windows. I have “built” several computers before, and my first computer was a Windows 95 Gateway 2000 in 1996. I have Manjaro installed, but due to needing the ability to work from home, and Citrix Workspace being incompatible, will be switching to a different distro. Looking forward to becoming proficient with Linux.

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I saw Jeffrey recommended by Code Monkeyz, but never made time to pursue it. Yesterday, I listened to an interview on RedPill78 and decided I had two old Dell computers and two old Mac Airs. I figure that is plenty of opportunity to figure things out before I move to my current computer. I’m not really sure where to begin, but here goes. :upside_down_face:

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Hey @jeffsher ,
Look into virtual machines here in the forum. You will likely be able to run windows containerized and within that, Citrix.

Welcome @Dena ,
Nothing like old computers to learn Linux. Enjoy the journey.

TDee, you are in good company here—many of us can relate to your comments. Enjoy the ride!

Thanks, @vasileios! Once I find the hard drive and get the battery checked, I’ll look at the instructions. And thank you for the warm welcome. I signed up for the class and have started working through it, going to learn some practical skills and to sharpen the ole noggin.

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You are most welcome, @Persephone!
You’ll be getting up and running in no time. It may be much in the beginning, but the dust will settle very soon and you’ll be glad you made the step! Your mind will definitely sharpen. :wink:

Hi, My name is Sharon and I have been following the telegram posts of for a few months now. I want to now get all my computers functioning in Linux OS. My comparison on my Raspberry pi 400 (only can read articles right now on it) The article KDE vs Gnome was recommended and on Microsoft Windows 11 it was 11 screen shots and 34 ads whereas my raspberry Pi screen was 7 screenshots and 0 ads. I look forward to migrating to Linux 100 percent. There is much to learn in this transformation to a new For The People operating system that works for us instead.

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@shar17 Welcome to the group. Everyone here is quite helpful. Enjoy your Freedom from Digital Tyranny!

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Thank you, I look forward to the classes and want to be on linux. I am having a little trouble with signing in to the LMS. It does not take my password currently but I do get the email invites and the forum emails and I am pretty sure I am current with the payments. I may try the tutorials from forums till i can get the password working.

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Hello I am Diana also known as Mommywagg. it is my screen name. I began this journey when a dear friend told me how awful Microsoft was and the REAL problems with Windoze 11. I am in the process of moving our computers to Linux. I have an old HP desktop on Mint it originally had Vista and has had Windoz 7, 8, 10. It is old but the only one I have with a working CD burner! haha my next project will be a HP laptop it is newer 2012 so I will use Ubuntu on it. My last HP laptop is the newest and I havent decided which to put on it. I do know I am learning a lot and enjoying the challenge! But what is retirement for if you cant use your new found leisure time to learn and keep the mind sharp.


Hello, I am Lee a mother of three. Born in south corea, grown up in Switzerland and now living over ten years in Peru.
My english is kind of… bit improving.
Really interested in mathematics and computers since ever I can think. But never done more studies about. Just the beautiness of programing is fascinating.
Having all kinds of electric devices in the house, starting converting my old HP. (Red color, don’t know the model. ) so my first investigation is how I find out the model of os of my computer/laptob. - I already installed ubuntu, but didn’t worked keyboard , conected an external keyboard and it worked. But the charger/batery seems it doesn’t work unconected. Maybe I should try with an other OS?

Happy to restart again this journey.
Danke, gracias, thanks :v:

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Maybe reach out to this person to see if they can reset your account so you can reset your password.
send an email at Paulina at

Hey @shar17!
At the login screen there’s the link you can click on that says “Forgot Password” so that you can change it. :slight_smile: