WiFi On Linux Mint

This is a continuation from this post from @Pvt.Jedi :


@Pvt.Jedi, I am not seeing the WiFi module on this output. Which system do you have? Also, are you using a USB WiFi?

Yes I’m using an asus USB Wi-Fi dongle. The tower does not have Wi-Fi built in. I cannot get this to work.

Hey @Pvt.Jedi!
I went on and looked at your ASMedia ASM1042A USB controller. There was another guy who had an issue with it as it wasn’t powering on. It turned out he needed to connect it to the mainboard.

Do you happen to have your USB WiFi connected to that controller?

Yes. It is plugged in to the back side of my tower.

Perhaps try and connect it to a different USB port that is not part of the card. Otherwise, make sure the card itself is connected to the mainboard to receive power.

I’ll give it a try and let you know.

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