Having inssues installing MS On My Virtual Machine

I have Virtual Box running POP OS Gnome very new to all this using USB with MS 10 recommended from here seems to be doing nothing for a very long time now

Help pleASE

VirtualBox is a good solution. However, in terms of hardware (and options) support, including increased performance, I would recommend VMware Player.

We have a tutorial here on how to do it effectively. :slight_smile:

Ok I know I have been at this literally all day. I tried that earlier and I just did it again. Here you go screen shot,what am i doing wrong? Hence why I went to the other one which also did not work but I just keep trying I get a win here and there hopefully you guide me to one with this PRETTY PLEASE!!!

I just checked VMware and it appears that they updated their version, hence the names no longer work.

What I would highly recommend is that wherever you see the name (in the code I include) that says:
Do not type the entire version number. Instead, press TAB, and the system will recognize the file automatically. If it doesn’t then press TAB again so that it shows you all the available files that share the name.

As of the moment of me writing this, the file name has changed to:

Ok I am using Virtualbox I gave up on VMplayer now I get as far as created the VM and when I try to load the MS 10 from USB it is not finding it Remember I am a complete beginner at Linux. Desperate to get this resolved so I can get off my Windows machine and convert it to linux for my hubby! I took a few days away tried again got a little further now having this issue

Hey @Rkppersonal!
You don’t need an actual USB to install Windows on any Virtual Machine. Just the ISO file, which you direct your VM (at the settings of your Virtual Machine) to add it as a CD/DVD ROM device. :slight_smile:

2 weeks but I finally got it tonight via the iso file cause USB would not work !!! YEA !!! Step One now I have to get quickbooks on it Hopefully that is a simple process LMAO BUT I Persevered and got it!!! YEA!

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Awesome! Nobody said it would be easy, but then again, nothing worth doing ever is! Bravo!

Ok it works great but apparently QuickBooks does not every time I download QuickBooks to it it crashes quits stops or something. I do not think QuickBooks works in it. Are you aware of it working in it? I have not factory reset my computer and redone the Virtual 3 times ( Now an expert lolo ) no matter what QB will not work if it does not work then I will do QB online I guess which sucks mush more expensive, The the question is I want the VM to keep my gmail and QB separate from all other new stuff. Being an absolute beginner at this seemed like the best way or am I wrong? (PROBABLY but still committed)

I haven’t tried QuickBooks as an app, though it would save me ages when I do the corporate taxes. I have the online version. Though I know that TurboTax for corporations runs on the VMware version of Windows. I haven’t tried it on VirtualBox.