What To Do with Dual Hard Drives on Desktop?

I installed Linux Mint last week on my desktop and wiped Windows off the system. I just realized LM is on my 125gb SSD and I still have a 1tb hard drive available that I partitioned and split 3 ways today but haven’t mounted yet.

Is there any way to combine 2 hard drives so I can bump up my meager 125gb root storage?

Any help would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @jmwidmer, and welcome to the forums!

Yes, there are a few ways of doing so: the easy way and the intermediate way.

The easy way will basically be to make your drive available as a folder in your system, and you can store all your files there.

The intermediate way is to use your second hard drive as your home folder. This offers the advantage that everything you download, store, and use (including all the app preferences) will be stored on the 2nd drive. Then, the 125GB will be only for your system. However, this will need a process that has to be done with great precision (or your system will not log you in).

Please let me know which method you’d like to proceed with.

Hi Vasileios, thanks for responding! I think I’d like to go the intermediate way as I’d like to be able to utilize the largest storage possible for my home files. Any chance you could shoot a video on how to do this? If not, I understand as I know you’re super busy :slight_smile: thank you for your time and all your hard work!

Hey @jmwidmer!
No worries & it’s my pleasure to help. I was just outside grabbing a few much-needed cables (basically, converters). To go via the intermediate route, first, I’ll need to know if you have backed up all the files on the second drive. Please make sure that you have, as we’re going to take a bit of a dive.

Also, please keep your phone camera ready so that we are 100% certain we are on the right path. :blush:

Sorry for the late response. Had family duties haha. 2nd drive has been backed up onto an external ssd and has been wiped. I’ll have to jump on this tomorrow now but let me know how you want to go about it👍

Will do! I’m glad you enjoyed some family time. It always comes first!
We can continue on this tomorrow. :blush:

Thanks a ton Vasileios, I work from home so I’ll chime in when I’ve hot some time😊

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