Use Firefox on windows partition to download brave to Linux partition

I have Linux 21 running on a Dell Latitude 5400. It has Firefox on the Windows partition but nothing on the Linux partition. How do I get Brave onto the Linux partition?

Also have internet accessed through Ethernet cable into router

Shout out to Mr Deplorable

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the easiest way is to format a usb. download the file from Brave Browser - Fast Install Script for Ubuntu, Mint and derivatives

Save it to a usb drive, eject it, boot back to Linux, plug in the thumbdrive you saved it to and copy it over and then complete the steps outlined in @vasileios post at the same link which are from the terminal:
I would suggest first when you get it copied back over that you run:
sudo apt update && sudo apt list --upgradable -y
If there are any updates to install:
sudo apt upgrade -y
and I also like to run
sudo apt autoremove
to clean out any old stuff before installing anything else.

cd Downloads (or wherever you copied it to)
chmod +x ./
Provide sudo/root password if prompted, not “connie” password.( the one you made during the install for root) and watch it go.

On the https I included, there is a line code that was included in vasileios post. follow the instructions and run the command line he provides in the post to auto run the download. This is what I failed to do the first few attempts on my last post, that MrDeplorableUSA was helping with. If you don’t run the auto script that vasileios provides, it doesn’t work.