Ubuntu won't open rufus or etcher

Ubuntu is working but I’m unable to download working versions of rufus or etcher. I think my ubuntu is corrupted somehow and would like to switch to Mint. So far I’m unable to make a bootable usb.
Please help.

If you have Ubuntu check for "Start up Disk " in your pre-loaded software …

This is from Ubuntu 20.4 …it came pre installed …rufus only works in windoze …there are several different ways to create bootable flash drives in Linux… Do you have the Mint iso file already downloaded in your Download Folder ? … Oh … I forgot …UNetbootin is also a very good way to make the booable media …
2023-02-06_09-01 You would have to install it as it is not preloaded …

If that doesn’t work try the dd option in terminal

Thank you so much for your feedback! I do have start up disk on my ubuntu but I am unable to make it work. I will try to download UNetbootin.
If I knew how to take a screenshot of the start up disk - that would probably help you help me.

MrDeplorableUSA I will also try your suggestion. Thank you for your help.

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I do have Mint downloaded. I believe I have verified it. I downloaded Ubuntu about a year ago and love it but when it started having glitches I stopped using it for a while. Now I’m back and am determined to make this work.

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Screenshot from 2023-02-06 13-55-08

This is how my stat up disk looks like…

MrDeplorable is right about using terminal … and would be the one to look at the first screen shot… as to the second screen shot looks good so far … just to follow along I started mine and it looks the same except my copy (highlighted) is older … and disregard the top line … it was just in the downloads folder also … and like your the “Disk to use” is blank …

that is until I insert a blank flash drive to “Disk to use” …

at this point you could click the “make Startup Disk” tab at the bottom … then sit back and let it do it’s thing …be patient as it will take a little time and if you take it out too soon … you will do what I did and and then start over again … :confused: To be clear I inserted the new flash drive into a USB port on my computer and it was recognized immediately by the “make startup disk” software

It worked! Thank you so much for your help. I had stopped one step short:)

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Thank your of your help. I was able to make a bootable usb, downloaded Mint. All is well:-)

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yep it dawned on me that this was what was confusing you … so I edited the above post to add “insert new flash drive into USB port” … sometimes it is hard to see the forest… cause all the trees are in the way … :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, Absolutely right! Those dang trees :slight_smile: