Telegram audio oddity [Fixed]

Posting it in a new thread, maybe it helps others, the thread was about suddenly disappearing sound in Telegram, completely mute.

So, I fixed it and I’ll explain how but not how it happened.

When watching a video in Telegram, it completely covers you’re whole screen, even though you can still make it “full screen”, next to that there is the — the red squared in below image — other option to play it in a small “window”. I never use that, but I accidentally clicked it and now I could click my Volume icon — now available — and low and behold it showed Telegram muted.

For this to happen accidentally I first have to click that icon in Telegram, then the Volume Icon, then the Applications tab and then the Mute icon. That is four accidental clicks, never happened, but it was Mute anyway. So maybe this will help others with a similar issue.

Again many thanks to MrDeplorableUSA for his patient and help.


One possibility for the cause could be that you hit the ‘correct’ key combination on your keyboard and it muted the Telegram audio. I do not know the key(s) that would do that for your distro but it would be possible even though not obvious at the time.

I thought of that and mentioned it in the first thread. :pray: