No Sound on 2016 Macbook Pro with Ubuntu

Can someone help me with getting sound properly working? I am trying Ubuntu with a persistent USB thumb drive and can’t get the sound to work.

I take it that both your computes want you to work in stealth mode!
Can you take a photo of the following (which you know by now) command? :wink:


And send it over so that I see the troublesome device?

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Hi Vasileios! I just now realized you had responded. I have changed to using a persistent Mint thumb drive on my 2016 MacBook Pro (MacBookPro 13,1) since I couldn’t get my touchpad to work with Ubuntu. Now I still can’t get the trackpad to work, but at least I can hookup a usb mouse to be able to get something done. So here is the screenshot of the lspci.

Just to clarify, I need help with 2 issues: sound and touchpad.

There’s a driver that was developed specifically for your model. There will be some commands that you’ll need to go through for that. :slight_smile:

Scroll down to the Debian & Co part of the page and follow the instructions there. I hope this will help. :smiley:

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Please note, to login as root, you’ll need to execute the following command:

sudo su
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I’m not really sure what to do here on the github page. I scrolled down to the proper section, copied each line of code, ran it in root, but got an error. Was I supposed to do something else?

Can you screenshot or take a photo of the terminal that produced the error?

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That looks good! You didn’t have the GIT app, so you installed it. Now you can repeat the commands in the link I sent earlier. :slight_smile:

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Could not find module source directory.

I see. I’ll fire up the Mint virtual machine and back-trace the operation to see if there’s an extra command needed. I suspect there is one.

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Interestingly enough, it went through for my VM, even when I’m not running on a MacBook.

I’ll check on your screenshot again, just to make sure. :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, you’ll need to execute (as root) all the commands in line:

echo -e "\n# applespi\napplespi\nspi_pxa2xx_platform\nintel_lpss_pci" >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules

apt install dkms
git clone /usr/src/applespi-0.1
dkms install -m applespi -v 0.1

This came before the other screenshot.

So, copy all this code at once and paste it all at once? Or line by line? I thought I did that BTW. Maybe I didn’t.

That’s what disrupted the installation.

So, yes, you can run the above commands without the apt install dkms now. :slight_smile:

The GIT app was absent in the process, which means that there was no repository data copied to your system.

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Okay I think it ran. Here are 2 screenshots:

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