Lost Menu Bars and LM Button(s) at bottom of screen

Hi, I’ve been working on an Libre Calc project, when I noticed I can no longer find my menu bars and even the red LM button and Terminal button has disappeared. I know I’ve done something, but I’ve no idea how to get these back. I tried re-booting but no luck. Any ideas?

All I see on the desktop are the usual icons, so I can get to my files, e-mail etc. but no controls. Right clicking on the desktop allows access to termincal and this is what it shows:
Not sure I had it showing Desktop$ before…

Hey @Helenska!
And here I am. Can you please post a screenshot of how your desktop looks like at the moment? Also, which distro do you currently have installed?

Currently using Mint Cinnamon

Hey Vasileios, I decided to try and re-boot and overwrite the old Mint version, but I’m now having all sorts off issues, unable to download Rufus or Etcher successfully…I did see an error message that I might be missing a video driver, so not sure if that is something that would stop the download tools opening from my download folder. Any help will be appreciated.

Trying to download Rufus, only option comes as an .exe; I’m already operating on a broken Linux Mint OS, need to re-install but need either Rufus or Etcher, Ether is giving errors of an incomplete download, something about missing partition table…Mint is so broken I have no dock and only terminal commands which I don’t know much about…if a phone call would work better than typing - let me know

@Helenska Is this where you are?

yes, this is my rambling plea for help

Ok, brief explanation on what you are trying to do please.

at this point, re-install Mint, but unable to get Rufus or Etcher to work with the USB

Are you working in Mint currently or on another computer?

Currently on my only HP laptop with Mint, in a bad state…but I have phone and ipad if all goes south with the HP

So you are trying to make a bootable usb while in Mint so you can reinstall mint on the same computer?

Yes, that was my thinking…I did read that a novice should not attempt to upgrade in terminal, so I remember Jeff P saying that if it went bad, you just reload and start over…

unfortunately, I no longer have the original USB - gave that to my son and he used it

What is actually Wrong with the current install?

so…the dock disappeared - if you scroll up to my screen shot, there are no Mint commands, I’m totally winging it through trial and error. Also, terminal seems permanently displaying as coming from my Desktop. Not sure what else is going on.

Ok. Do you remember which desktop environment you are running?
Mate, KDE, xfce?

Cinnamon, that’s how I roll.

I don’t know much about Cinnamon but we will figure something out.
When you right click on the desktop area do you have Desktop Settings in that menu?

Some…enough to get by.