Lost Menu Bars and LM Button(s) at bottom of screen

If you have “Desktop Settings” in that menu click that and see if you can add the full application menu. I use xfce and it is probably different.

No Desktop Settings in that list; would it work in terminal?

I was trying to get the panel (dock) back but we will try to get etcher working for you

Do you have the linux version of Etcher downloaded?

Nope - unfortunately I’m not fluent in the terminal language yet…if we could get etcher working that would be great.

I have Etcher in my Download folder, but it fails in the 'Flash" function and doesn’t validate.

Do you have the Mint iso downloaded?

Yes, I have that too!

If you are feeling brave we can do everything from the terminal.

If you’ve got the time to walk me through it, I’m up for the challenge

Ok, open terminal and type:
dd --help
then hit enter

Just checking to see if the dd command is installed.

OK came back with a lot, do you want a snap shot?

no, as long as is didn’t say command not found then we can work with it.

What directory did you save the Mint iso into?

And have you verified the checksum of the Mint iso?

Mint ISO is in Downloads, and I also moved it onto USB. not sure what Checksum is, never used that before.

Can you give me a screen shot of of the Mint iso filename?
if you are in Downloads in the terminal type
ls -al
then either screen shot or copy/paste the complete file name for the mint iso

That looks like the copy on your usb stick