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I bought a used dell latitude 7490 with no OS installed. I would like to install a linux osos , can anyone here point me in the direction of where and what to start with? Thank you

@Dibbsvtx you will need to have a USB (at least 6GB is my preference), since there is no OS installed, you do not need to worry about backing it up. depending on the hw and RAM of the Dell, you may need to check into a couple of different distros (or flavors of Linux). If it is older I have just been trying LinuxLite for my older machine and it is blazing fast now - this is considered a lite version, great for older machines. If it is pretty new then I would go to and download the newest version .iso file. You will then need to use balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives to flash or install the .iso file you just downloaded onto the USB. now take the USB back to the Dell and turn it on and see if it boots from the USB automatically if it does not turn it off and turn it back on - tapping the ESC key until theou Bios menu comes up. you will need to change the boot order. making sure to choose your USB as the top choice. then reboot. If there are any questions regarding this or any step contained herein - just post a question back on this thread and I will do my best for you and if I can’t (a distinct possibility) @vasileios is a freaking awesome dude who can answer just about anything. Cheers!


Hello @Dibbsvtx and welcome to the forums! There is also a live Telegram chat at JPChat on Telegram.

Great thread to begin from.
I don’t know where to start thread.

A descent run through of Mint on a Latitude 7490 install.

I don’t have a touch screen to test any of them with, I prefer the old mouse an keyboard. I seem to recall someone having issues with wi-fi connection so if it doesn’t work, just use a wired connection to get it connected and we can help you resolve any issues more then likely!

Don’t get discouraged if things don’t sail right along, usually its a simple issue and we’re here and there in the chat to help!


Here’s some great info on booting from a USB drive:


Thank you. I’ll keep you informed on my progress

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Just a quick note to add to Dave’s good advice above - booting to the USB is to me the most inconsistent process and different on almost every machine I have installed Linux on…so the info Blueghost gave above could be important. My point is EVERY BRAND of computer & model will get into the boot order of the BIOS by tapping a different KEY…yours may NOT BE the (esc) key, but could be DELETE, F8, F12 but on MOST computers it will say on your screen during bootup as to which KEY to use. If it does not…search KEY FOR BOOT ORDER and your exact make and model of comp (sorry I can’t really do quiknotes)


Would I be better to by linux osos cinnamon installed from a CD?

@Dibbsvtx if you have a CD burner you can burn your own - same way as a USB but burn (install) the .iso file on a CD-R or CD-RW and then set the BIOS to boot from the CD ROM. Cheers!