Jumped in both feet blind folded bought a System 76 POP os GNOME

I have figured out quite few things on the basics like libre office and the pop store(its limited). I have been able to open docs from my old computer. It took a bit of experimenting, did not work from a back up. I had to copy to a usb then it worked. I have been following you on telegram under a different account. I do not want to open gmail on this new machine but may have to. I want import all my bookmarks etc. Pop store has Gnome Gmail . Is it ok to do that, so i can import contacts etc to my new email acct and or to my new machine? The purpose of this is to get away from MS and Google. Any guidance greatly appreciated.

PS I tried the terminal thing to download Brave one time did not work figured I would leave that alone till I read more TRUE beginner!

Hello @KPescatore, and welcome to the forum!

Congratulations on your new System76 system! It must be a pleasure to work on. :blush:

You can actually export them from your browser and import them on a new one per your bookmarks. The same can be done with your contacts (I believe the method is via a CSV file). POP!_OS is based on the Gnome environment, which is quite intuitive with its own email client (Evolution), which needs a few tweaks to be near-perfect. Just make sure that you activate offline viewing so that your emails are always available off-line and not having to be synced from scratch every time. This will vastly accelerate your experience. Also, point it (though I suspect it’s already activated) to not automatically show remote content. This will render you immune to the “no-click attacks” that sometimes happen via malicious code inside questionable messages.

Also, for the Brave browser, I built a small script (basically accumulated the commands) and posted it here in the forum:

If you follow it, Brave will be in your system in a flash. :blush:

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Having fun Libre Office works great on my docs and excel files just getting use to it got my telegram on it and a new email acct getting use to it pretty easy to use. Watching some videos and reading your posts and guidance Tried the terminal thing again this is what i got as a message bash:
cd: too many arguments

top of terminal screen says this
To run a command as administrator (user “root”), use "sudo ".
See “man sudo_root” for details.

Yup. Sudo is the best way to go - and all changes apply first to you as a user. Going full root is not recommended unless you know exactly what it is you’re doing.

Great to see a fellow Pop_OS /System76 user. I got my System76 a few months ago, and am currently transitioning out of the Apple world.I love it! I opted to use the the Mozilla Thunderbird email client and really like it. Its got a lot of features and takes a little getting used to. I did look at the built in Email client that comes with Pop_OS (Geary) which seems to be very capable as well and I may explore it further down the road. I would definitely recommend setting up a backup system. Im using Deja Dup Backups for incremental backups of documents and files, and TimeShift for system file backups. Both apps are in the Pop_Shop and worth checking out. Just wanted to say Hi and good luck with your System76! Enjoy~

Yea i a muddling thru things I got the virtual machine set up had to use pop store one I can never get ones on this site to work thru terminal commands. Now I am in process of putting MS on it today got all my files over. Been thru 3 different email companies so far,Tutotora now on Zoho not sure about it. Still have not been successful in terminal. So I have to keep going back to apps that will open with a double click if not in the pop store. I will keep muddling along unfortunately it is a part time project as I have a ton of other stuff going on. Wish there was my tech support out there for this but I will say they Tech support at System 76 has been the most helpful of all. I am trying to find a VPM that will work cause my MS came with my computer so its a digital license so cannot transfer to the virtual above my knowledge base.

Hello @Rkppersonal and welcome to the forums!
You will get there! Linux is an amazing OS on many levels - and I will give you a couple of examples. :wink:

  1. You can turn nearly every application to be a “double-click launch” - even when you install it via terminal
  2. You don’t need a license to run Windows 10 on a virtual machine - you just can’t personalize it (there are also Win10 licenses being sold for $25)

So, if you have any specific needs, please feel free to ask in the forums. :slight_smile:

believe me i will be asking working on the ms today gave up other projects to attack this today so I can get this done I love working in libre office and everything else about i just need to talk this ms issue so i can get the last program i have to use in ms over there then I can turn old computer in a new ubuntu computer After I tackle email changes and solve those lolo So happy I found this group and that it started me down this path even if it can be tough NOTHING IN LIFE WORTH HAVING COMES EASY NOR SHOULD IT!!!

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Regarding a Windows license, as I understand, it is not tied to the PC. If the PC has been decommissioned, I believe you can use that license on another machine as a Guest in a Linux Host. Worth looking into.

Now, If you have a Windows PC and are replacing the OS with Linux, then use that Windows license in the VM or dual boot as well.

I hope that makes sense. I have done both. At the time, my understanding that was all legal.

Very true. The MS license will definitely work on the dual boot. However, when it comes to the VM, MS might object that there’s too much hardware changes - but it could go through during activation.