How do I install QuickBooks on Linux Mint 20.3

I am currently attempting to get Quickbooks on my Linux Mint 20.3. I have read that Wine might only be used on certain versions. I have Quickbooks Pro 2019. I would like to load it and then load the backup from my files from my Windows computer then transfer it into GnuCash. Any help would be appreciated.

GnuCash only reads qif files not the qbb. So in order to make the GnuCash work, I need to create a qif file that can be found on my Linux based computer. Because everything is encrypted on QuickBooks, I believe I need to load it first, then get the qif file GnuCash requires to start the company file transfer.

I haven’t touched Quickbooks since 1997 or 8.
Where ever you are running quickbooks now, can’t you just export the data to the correct file type for GnuCash, copy to a usb drive then copy to your linux install?

Yes, tried all the above, to no avail. The data is encrypted so it needs to be changed into a format that Gnu can recognize. Tried it a couple of ways and it remains unrecognized. The format that Gnu is requesting, qif, is also no longer supported by Quickbooks.
Still at a loss as what will work.

Like I said before. I haven’t used Quickbooks in years but I did a quick web search and found the following:

From the “Importing/Exporting Data” section see link at the bottom. You might give this a try.

A: At this time there is no way to import from Quickbooks, and there are no plans to add that functionality. The Quickbooks QBW data format is a proprietary, non-documented file format. So until someone documents the file format or donates a QBW file parser your best bet for importing your QB data into GnuCash would be to output your data in a CSV format and either import the CSV data directly or convert the CSV to QIF and use the QIF importer.

Thank you for the info.

If the above process works for you it would be the simplest (and in my opinion ‘best in the long run’) way to “reclaim” your data from Quickbooks.
Otherwise you may want to go through the process of installing a virtual machine and installing windows within that virtual machine environment and then install quickbooks in windows in the virtual environment.
This tutorial, below, from @vasileios is very good and will show you how to install Windows within a virtual machine environment while running Linux.

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