Graphene OS - DIY De-Googled phone explained!

Honestly I never install apps like that, I lurk for free/not signed in. However I think you can sign in with only web based login and avoid the app altogether which is my general recommendation for most things. The apps make it more convenient on mobile devices but rip away a ton of privacy. Much less so on GrapheneOS though since you can control permissions, and the OS limits permissions by default, so if anyone desires or needs to login (such as to upload content) I’d stick with web based, but Aurora otherwise if you need the convenience of the app. APK pure and others looks like they have it as well, but I’d much prefer Aurora.

Even though I’m an investor in Rumble and fully support them, I like not having to rely on mobile apps whenever possible. That’s my dos centavos, hopefully helpful, I always avoid logins/apps when possible. Happy hunting!

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Cheers. I see, yes I have been using un-signed in web based for Rumble so far. I have been hesitant with downloading anything from APK Pure, are they trustworthy? I haven’t installed Aurora; I have been using f-droid and downloading directly from official websites or github. Might just continue using web-based. This vanadium app is a pretty nice web-browser!

Speaking of vanadium …… even though “active development/updates” have been discontinued on my phone I have noticed that this apt along with “Auditor” and “Camera” have continued to upgrade from time to time…. That’s a good thing …… at GrapheneGoat …. had to LOL a little with the “lurk” …. I choose the Lurkmore handle after being told to “lurk mohr” several times…… a few years ago …. :sunglasses:


I had a weird issue with my USB Backup drive tonight. Last month I set up a brand new Samsung SSD T7 as backup location- it worked seamlessly and I made my first backup using Seedvault Backup. Tonight, I decided to plug it in and do another backup. Alas, the phone encountered an error and required the drive to be reformatted. So I lost my old backup, but was able to get the new backup done… Anyone else had USB formatting issues? Now that it’s been formatted by android I assume it won’t have any format issues again.

Open Camera has beautiful picture quality, btw!