Email accounts for privacy

It’s probably best to ask Rob himself. He doesn’t bite.

I will see if I can try that. I am using which also provides that service. In addition you can add a dynamic address as [actual name]+[who you gave it too] ie where the is an actual alias, if you start to get email from then you will know who was sharing your email address. File it under “good to know”


How did SimpleLogin work for you? Did you subscribe to the service?

Sorry famcoll, I’m not on the boards very much. YES, I’ve been using SimpleLogin as a subscription-based service now for several months and couldn’t be happier with the product!

Simple Login and 33 mail are both excellent services for email masking, very useful to many of us.

But for actual email service, Protonmail continues to kick it out of the park, despite some recent attempts to slander them due to some fringy court orders about a single case where courts force them to out someone who had committed serious crime, but since then we have learned that they do still abid by no-logs policy, UNLESS expressly forced to cooperate if a certain country court’s order them to give up the deets on someone. In general, we are all in good shape with ProtonMail, especially if done from a Linux platform. I don’t trust the client side scanning of Apple, Google, MS and others, so aside that, yes ProtonMail is king. Big shout out to Tutanota from what I know also, they are quite anti-Google and pro-privacy, with free tier plans just like proton. Proton has become a privacy enthusiast’s Titan in email and VPN’s lately, for very reasonable cost for paid tier stuff.

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This is worth checking out.