Email accounts for privacy

I have a proton account but looking for sometime more a private email to use with encryption on tor only

Have you looked at Tutanota?

There is also Sekur, though it’s subscription-based (messenger and email).

1 Like good, have used it for a year. Paused for a while to look for drive and calendar alternatives.

Thanks I will check your suggestions out

Try I’ve read many reviews that prefer it over protonmail. I’ve got both types of accounts. The big difference with ctemplar is that they do not retain the subject line of any emails, which protonmail does. As such ctemplar offers some extra protection if anyone comes snooping. I’m also going to open an email account at, which becomes available tomorrow. It’s also fully encrypted, although there are far fewer details there about the accounts.

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When looking at “private” or “secure” email vendors there’s a few things you should keep in mind…

1) 14 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 5 Eyes Alliance Countries:
The Five Eyes (FVEY), Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes are state surveillance alliances, united for the sole purpose of monitoring and sharing the activity of internet users to protect national security.

  • Five Eyes countries: US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia.
  • Nine Eyes countries: US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway.
  • Fourteen Eyes countries: US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain.

Any email provider hosted in any of those countries means your right to online anonymity is near impossible. Everything you do is likely to be tracked.

2) Features - What’s important for you?
You may have to make a few trade offs, most of these providers offer some but not all of them.

  • Encryption?
  • Privacy?
  • Storage?
  • Ease of use?
  • User experience / Interface?

3) Cost - How much are you willing to pay?
Some of the services offer free accounts with minimal features but as the old adage says, “you get what you pay for”… We already tried the “free” route with Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and it cost us a lot.

In closing, here is a list of different secure email services you can look into and a quick note on them. Please keep in mind that these are simply my observations and that everyone should thoroughly look into any provider to determine whether it fits their individual needs. I’ve written “pass” on a number of these simply to indicate that I don’t trust them enough to use them. In some cases, paying for them doesn’t seem like it’d be much different than using what we already use but here goes:

  1. ProtonMail: Based in Switzerland (not 14 Eyes); I don’t trust them given recent media exposure.
  2. Tutanota: Based in Germany (14 Eyes)… enough said.
  3. Librem Mail: Based in US (5, 9, 14 Eyes)… definite pass.
  4. Thexyz: Based in Canada (5, 9, 14 Eyes)… definite pass.
  5. CounterMail: Based in Sweden (14 Eyes)… pass.
  6. Posteo: Based in Germany (14 Eyes)… pass.
  7. Mailbox(dot)org: Based in Germany (14 Eyes)… pass.
  8. Runbox: Based in Norway (9, 14 Eyes)… pass.
  9. Mailfence: Based in Sweden (14 Eyes)… pass.
  10. Soverin: Based in Netherlands (9, 14 Eyes)… pass.
  11. Kolab Now: Based in Switzerland (not 14 Eyes)… no opinion on them yet.
  12. CTemplar: Based in Iceland (not 14 Eyes)… no opinion on them yet.
  13. PrivateMail: Based in US (5, 9, 14 Eyes)… so maybe NOT so private?
  14. Sekur: Based in Switzerland (not 14 Eyes)… no opinion on them yet.

If anyone has any thoughts on these or any other ones not listed, please let us know.

Hope this helps.

:sunglasses: Update: US requested information on ~200,000 ProtonMail user accounts. Whether or not they [ProtonMail] comply with the request remains to be seen. Keep an eye on them as the situation develops if you’re still interested in that service.


He does a fantastic job of explaining why email is not secure.


Seems like we should get used to paying for services. Fair enough.


@famcoll mentioned what is your opinion of them? If you are gonna pay for privacy in email, wouldn’t it be better (and probably cheaper) to host your own either VPS or a local server? speaking of which, once we all get a little better at this can we get into what would be needed equipment wise and help with setting up our own severs? I am so digging this group.



I’m liking everything I see about Braxman. Watch his videos on LBRY, Odysee or Bitchute. I’m going to buy one of his phones soon. He launched email and VPN today and if anyone can lock down a server, I’m sure it’s him. Yes, much cheaper to host your own everything. It’s been a big topic since yesterday. JP says $20 max a year. Also looks like JP soon to put up a very basic email offer hosted out of Canada (we aren’t supposed to think that’s funny, but I laughed). Still, Braxman is in LA and, if he can do, I’m sure JP can do it in Canada.

I watched the cyberpanel vid and other than the domain and the initial equipment for startup the only rtecurring charge would be the domain. I may be wrong - it has been known to happen LOL. I am very excited to try this out but I need to know what the HW requirements are to run the mail server from my house - RAM, Disk Space, etc. I will save my pennies to get the right equipment to host my own mail - I would do it for my whole family that are spread across the country.


We all know how it goes. When a service is free, you’re not the customer, you are the product being sold. :wink:


Well, you’d need an internet connection that wouldn’t mind hosting a server. Granted, it would be relatively low traffic. I’d think HW requirements would be pretty low if it’s a linux build.
I love the idea of families and communities sharing an email host! I wonder how well self-hosted cloud storage would work?

I plan on having both. I am wondering if I could do it on the same machine and if I would need to do it on different drives. a minimum HW idea would be great. I am not quite ready unless I can just buy a new drive for an old Vista laptop. if I remember correctly it has 4 GB of memory and a decent sized hard drive.

Great points! Thank you!
Personally, I wouldn’t trust anything from Switzerland/Cern.
There is also Zoho mail, which is either in CA USA or India.
But I am not sure why do we need email at all? Telegram works just as good for me, I hardly ever go to email

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Great summary of the email services and “eyes”. Wow!

I switched to Fastmail 4 years ago. It’s based in Australia - one of the 5 eyes. It is a paid service. My goal then was to move off “gmail” for personal.

We also host an email on Namecheap.

It’s degrees of risk - goal - avoid the Big Tech of Alphabet Apple or Microsft>

I have the bytz VPN from Braxman but don’t see anything about hosting email.

It’s a new service Rob announced yesterday. I haven’t checked it today to see if it’s available.

FYI - I heard Ron say his emails will never include the IP address (of the sender, I believe).

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