Email accounts for privacy

Got to, log in, and then go to store. His email is $50 a year, but it’s still in beta until October 5. You can sign up in the store.

Any details on an email services from Jeff?

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As far as I know, he’s setting it up and he’ll let us know once it’s fully ready to go.


Read an article recently (very likely from the JP Chat on Telegram) where they were suggesting that many of the new upstart tech services, especially those promising ‘privacy’, could very well be upstarts started by intelligence agencies. Be skeptical of anything not in your direct control.


I’ve bought a number of servers on ebay with pretty good specs at what I think are great prices. Also they could be rack mountable which could help with space.

Yes, I have been using Tutanota free for about a year. I am waiting for to come out with their email product, then I will make a final decision.

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A couple months ago I did some research while trying to migrate out of apple mail and I narrowed down to three services Protonmail, Ctemplar and Runbox and I decided to sign up with Something about proton seemed off to me, i think it was the amount of attention it was getting and the amount of advertising they were doing that turned me off. is based out of Norway, and seems to have decent privacy/security protection. They also have some great features in terms of the amount of alias emails and identities you can set up. Runbox has been in business for over 20 years, and that was the main reason i chose them over ctemplar which has only been in business a few years. So far im super pleased. I encourage you to do your own homework and find the right service for you. Good Luck.

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If “private” is you most important goal I do not think you can beat Helm mentioned in article below.

But not if it is really anonymous you are looking for because it gives you your own domain and you could be identified through that domain ownership


I would consider Helm if they didn’t use AWS. If they do offer an alternative to that, and it isn’t BigTech, I would seriously consider it.

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I agree. Helm has 2 week points in my opinion:

  • it relies on AWS to store your encrypted backups and get your encrypted email traffic through your ISP restrictions (their users are complaining about this because most are trying to get away from Big Tech), and
  • the app that configures it on your phone is not available on Fdroid - so you are forced to use an iPhone or Googled phone to configure it. (they have said they will look at changing this in the future).

But on the flip side - it has a very strong set on benefits,


So has anyone used the email service? What do you think? Is it the best option if I want to get away from Google? Better than Protonmail?

I like Rob Braxman. As an individual, I bet we can trust him more than a corporation.


Yes, I have only heard good things about him and his products. I’m just trying to decide what to do as far as email so I can start migrating over and get away from Google products as much as possible.


Update: The Helm App is available on the Aurora Store (which is an app you can download through F-Droid) so you can run the Helm App on a degoogled phone.

Not sure if you all are familiar with this, but if you have an email service you already like that is privacy centric, you could go with an email alias provider such as SimpleLogin. I have been checking them out since yesterday and I think I may give it a shot. Basically, it camouflages your personal email address with one of many aliases you can set up. The idea is to assist you in camouflaging your personal email address from OSINT databases that collect your data and sell your information for premium. The free subscription offers 15 aliases while the paid sub is unlimited.


search onion address for s.e.c.m.a.i.l dot pro

In my divorce proceedings with my Mac, I am wondering what you all think of OX (which is Open Source), for email hosting. When I snagged a domain from Namecheap, I used their link to set it up a free (for 60 days) OX, but am unsure if they really have solid privacy since they seem to be popular on androids. I have it working on my Ubuntu (IMac), IPhone, and Ipad and was able to download my ICloud contacts to my Dropbox and then import them to Thunderbird on the Ubuntu box. Suggestions/comments welcome.

@Will Rob Braxman’s YT videos have taught me much.

However, as an individual, what are his “Key Person” plans?

What if he dies… what happens with all of his products/services? What happens to his customers? (What are his contingency plans for seemless business continuity?)

Sincere questions. as I don’t know the answers.

Has he addressed them to reassure those who are relying on him?

Yikes. Rob Braxman has support staff, so I would guess there are people to take over the business. It’s unlikely he’s degoogling all those phones himself. He’s running his VPN using openVPN coupled with TOR, so it’s probably not rocket science for his staff. I’m certain he would be touched regarding your concern for his health, though. You can always go into his site chat rooms and ask him yourself. He’s very responsive as long as you approach him in the community chat areas.

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Thanks, @famcoll

We’ve known small business folks who didn’t have succession plans, and the loss is even more devastating as the business loss also affects the family (obviously) if there’s no plan in place to keep the business going.