Best operating specifications for computers for Linux

I succesfully loaded Linux on my Asus. I’d like to buy more to convert, both new and used. I need more guidance in what to look for and what ones to stay away from. For instance can Linux be loaded on notebooks, chormebooks, etc? How much RAM and Memory should I be looking for? I have searched topics quite a bit, and I’m still not sure about the features I should be looking for. I truly appreciate your help.

I have had the best luck with Dell, HP,Acer, and Lenovo (note: some say stay clear of lenney cause chyna things) … most in the older 2010-2016 range … average 4-8 Gb ram … from old Intel Core2 Duo … Intel Pentium(R) 2127U … work fine if your using just for internet browsing and connecting with friends and family … Intel core 15 and core 17 with 8-16 Gb ram when you really need a workhorse to process large files like photo/video editing and such … It all depends on what your needs are … the newer notebooks that I’ve worked with have given a lot more headache … like they don’t want you to “fix-em” … I have never had to deal with the “video or WiFi driver issues” and cannot make any informed input … hope this helps … the main take-a-way is that “Older 'Puter’s” need to be brought out of retirement and given the Linux upgrade … :sunglasses:

Thank you so much for your detailed response. Your info is very helpful!

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