XCopy anyone?

Hello everyone.
Back when hard drives were made out of stone, we used a command to copy everything from one disk to another and it would be bootable from DoS to Win XP, I think. When they changed the file system from fat to ntfs it would no longer boot unless it was a copied drive for that particular computer. You could no longer use it to copy your drive to another drive then put into a new chassis.
That said, the string was like this…from run> xcopy c:\ d:\ /e/c/f/h/y
D and E being the drives in the example. Of course you could specify any drives. Or files for that matter.
Is there a string like this for Linux? Copy an entire drive and be bootable? Process?

Hey @GrillerMiller!
I remember that app from the days of the Amiga!
In short, yes, there is such an option. It’s called cloning or ghosting. The pre-installed version in Linux is to simply convert your one drive into an image (IMG) via Gnome Disks and then restore it to another drive.

Alternatively, there are some tools below. :slight_smile:

However, you’ll need to not be using the drive while cloning or imaging (devices need to be unmounted for it to work). Which means that it’s best when done via another installed distro or via Live USB. :slight_smile: