Would you like the POP OS Gnome tiling manager in your Arch or Debian Gnome desktop?

As I distro hop in my spare time, just for the fun of it, I really like the tiling option that is built in to the POP_OS distro. On one of my older laptops I have chosen the Manjaro Gnome distro, which runs perfect on it, and has the fingerprint reader drivers built in.

On one of the LMS workshops, I learned about tiling managers which is a really nice workload feature. Especially if you like to have multiple windows open, on dual monitors. So, wouldn’t it be nice if I can have the POP_OS tile manger on my Manjaro machine? Well, because Linux is so awesome, Yes You Can!

I learned today that you can indeed install the Pop tile extension to make this available. (I’m pretty sure this can be enabled for any distro with Gnome.

Here are the steps for Manjaro:

  1. Install the POP shell extension with the command:
    sudo pacmac -S gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell

  2. Reboot the computer, so this new option will be available for selection.

  3. Open up the Extensions app in Gnome and turn on the Pop Shell extension

  4. Click on the gear icon for any tile settings you wnat

  5. Finally toggle the Pop Extension ON or OFF by clicking on the icon in the upper menu

There you have it! Enjoy your digital freedom!


That’s awesome, Michael. I just started using POP OS this weekend and the tiling feature is quite nice. Good to know I can take it to other distros. Thanks!