Workshop 3 on Oct 9th - install vpn on vps. addpeer . sh doesnt work right

workshop 3 on Oct 9th - install vpn on vps.
I am at the addpeer . sh step, but it will not produce a public key (I think that is the problem)

Hello @Mitch and welcome to the forums!
WireGuard is a fast VPN solution, but it still has some issues as it’s fairly new. If your issue is the SSH, there are a couple of lessons on the LMS that covers it in detail. We also have an OpenVPN course that I believe you will find that flows much easier for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I appreciate your help. They told me you have a great video on how to set it up in the course. I’ll check it out.

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Hey @vasileios
I need lesson 012 without the music and tonality in the background, it upsets my autism (I cant watch it). Is it possible to get a copy without? Thank you

Hey @CC!
I have heard about the specific video once before. I will do my best to change it, though it may take a little bit. The reason is that Adobe messed up their upgrades, which - in turn - messed up the project foundation I had for those videos. However, I think I may have set this up on a different platform.

I will check it out and let you know.

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I tried copying it, to get it into a cc player (closed caption), no can do…
I need it.
Thank you very much

Done. You will find the video without the soundtrack as 2.b. in the course.

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Wow! Thank you, going there right now.

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You’re welcome! I’m doing alternate versions on 3 videos. 2 of them are already up. The last one needs some time to render.

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It’s perfect! You’re the best!

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I’m glad! Now you can enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Now I can really generate ssh keys…

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@vasileios you know, windowZZz ten, downloaded a ton of stuff and stopped my security working. Which freaked me out, I’ve got to have control of this machine. I uninstalled what I could, it won’t allow me to uninstall the browser edge… crazy.
I wanted to download the Linux package immediately but I need to shh the VPS and make a VPN.
You will be the first to know when I have! :grin:

Of course! Edge is one of the Apps WindowZzz 10 will never allow you to uninstall. Not directly at least.

Speaking of VPN, I have an extensive video for it (OpenVPN) on course 18. This is the last video I’m creating a no-music version for. However, it comes with an extensive instructions PDF, which you can use. If you can wait for a little bit more, I can have the new video up too. If you’re in a hurry, just grab the PDF from the top right corner of your LMS screen (under “Files”). :slight_smile:

Hey @vasileios , do you only make one passphrase for a computer?

Yes. One passphrase that you can use for all the VPSs you connect to.

Edge wasn’t apart of my package, I had to install it. When I factory reset this computer (twice now) there is only internet explorer. They recommend you get edge ( We recommend you transition to Microsoft Edge to enjoy a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience.) In add and remove the icon will not uninstall edge.

I want it bad but am patient as a tortoise. Rather do it correctly the first time an then never worrying about. One more week and I am free…!!!