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Howdy All,
My name is Dave and I am in Arizona (I know, shocker!) I have turned a few laptops to a few different distros and have gotten pretty good at the troubleshooting that comes with it. I believe we all want to create a revenue stream with what we learn. I am always learning something new just following these forums and taking the courses. I count myself as one of those looking for a new revenue stream. I am permanently disabled so my finances are strapped but I do have what a most people do not and that is time. If you are local and are looking for someone to help out with the actual conversions and troubleshooting or if you are not local and desire the same thing, we can figure out a way to make this work and maybe both of us patriots can make a little money. I also have a customer service background - created the entire Customer Service/Sales department for a startup lighting manufacturer. Please respond if you are interested (PM or Reply to this post.)

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Hey @BigDaveAZ!
I finished my hamstring deadline and decided to scroll down the topics and came across yours. Did you have any luck spotting a fellow Patriot down there?