Wireless mouse going crazy on second monitor

I have Mint Cinnamon on my HP touch screen laptop. No problems at all. My husband hooked up an HP monitor so I could try a larger option. We got it to work just fine, but my wireless mouse is going CRAZY all over the place, randomly moving, clicking, closing things. We had to completely remove the second monitor. I tried to find a solution via Brave, but no luck. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

Oh, my! This sounds exactly like what happened to me when I got involved with something called snap! When I read about snap it sounded so interesting as if it might provide some benefit to me with new apps, etc, but it literally turned my mouse and my entire keyboard into demons! I do know that what I did to completely solve the problem was to go to Timeshift and take myself back to world of pre-installation of “snap.” I only had to go back a couple days and didn’t lose any other data. I know what you are going through and, if lucky, it will just be a “snap” demon/zombie you have to fight. However, I must say that Timeshift has saved me on at least 3 occasions when I thought I was more clever than the terminal! Hope this helps.

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I was able to fix it by turning off the touchpad. Easier than I expected!