WINE installation

After Linux for Beginners class tonight, I decided to install WINE for the purpose of test driving an old Turbo Tax CD. I know: call me an optimist! Anyway, I installed WINE via the command line. Everything went fine. Unfortunately, I cannot now FIND the WINE compatibility function. I’ve looked in all the obvious places, including typing WINE into the apps list on the Linux Mint version I’m running. Any clue as to where the program is hiding? Appreciate any help or information you can provide.

I’m in a similar boat with trying to use WINE. I’ve done the install from Synaptic and then I see the menu items. So far I haven’t had any success in getting something to install properly. I’ve gone to and they have an application database that you can search to find which programs have been successfully tested and they have a rating for how good the performance is, Platinum down to Garbage…

I’m currently in a Win10 dual boot, but Win10 keeps blue screening because it doesn’t like my new battery. So, I’ve been trying to find ways of running some of my existing windows programs with WINE and PlayOnLinux to avoid having to boot back into Win10.

I’m looking to get Kindle for PC and OverDrive for Windows so that can handle my ebook/audio book needs related to library borrowing. The problem is that the app database has these working with certain versions of WINE and I haven’t figured out yet how to get multiple versions of WINE installed at the same time. The Kindle version I want works perfectly with WINE 2.15 and I’ve got the tar.xz for that version, but get an error when I try to ./configure it in the Terminal.
With the current WINE version, Kindle installs, but then the program fails to connect to Amazon, so it is not functional.

In any case,some WINE install/tips would be appreciated. I’ve been reading some of the stuff on the WINEHQ, but a lot of it is still over my head.