Windows and Ubuntu Dual Boot ? ... I need help !?!

Dual Boot question … I created partitions and loaded Ubuntu … I can get it to load either Windows or Ubuntu but only by going to setup and changing the boot list option between Legacy and UEFI … I worked with Dale and we did get Grub to work … but it isn’t seeing the Windows OS so it doesn’t come up as an option … ???

Hey @Jayhawkat!
Do you have to switch the boot option for each time you have to switch OS?

The way for Ubuntu to locate other operating systems is if they both use the same boot loader architecture. Other than that, Ubuntu locates and installs the boot options for other operating systems when you have os-prober installed:

sudo apt install os-prober

And then instruct Grub to update its configuration file:

sudo grub-update
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Thank you … unfortunately I don’t have the computer in my possession anymore … (I am running around the country converting folks … lots of travel) … I left them with a Linux machine and told them if they really wanted windows to call me and I would tell them how to access it … all their windows is still there but I changed the boot sequence so it only comes up in Linux … I will definitely take note of that though … each time I convert someone I learn something new …


What you are doing is amazing, @Jayhawkat and bravo!
I still find it incredible on how that system accepted two completely different boot methods. Yes, it is possible to unify them, but that would mean reinstalling Linux on a separate drive. In that case, if you had Windows 10 on UEFI and Linux on Legacy, you could install Linux as UEFI (on that separate drive), then take that drive out and connect it as an external one (while reinstalling the normal one back in). Then, you can copy the EFI folder contents from the external drive into the /boot partition of the internal drive, to make sure that you have the Ubuntu and the Windows folders in it.

EFI in general seems complicated, but the bootloader is essentially a simple copy of files with their respective folder structure. I know as I’ve done it with the Windows EFI (though I haven’t booted into it for ages). :slight_smile:

thank you … I am falling behind in my studies, but learning differently … smile … eventually I will catch up … as it is I am lucky to get any computer time … come mid march I will be home bound for awhile … I am getting a new knee … hope to get them both this year

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Hey @Jayhawkat!
I completely understand. Take your time, as it always work best and allows information to settle in.
By the way, I wish you the very best with your operation! :slight_smile: