Will the Dual Boot be impacted when upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Will the Dual Boot windows/ubuntu setup be impacted if I upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11?

Being as that Windows 11 is very new, we can’t say for sure. But for the most part, partitions shouldn’t be able to interact with each other on a system level. You should be safe, but make sure you back up both of your systems before you attempt to upgrade.

Hello @whoolio!
What @SBHX said is correct. Your actual Ubuntu installation will not be affected. However, what will be affected is your boot loader. That much is certain. In short, when you turn on your computer, only your Windows 11 will be booting and you won’t be able to boot back to Ubuntu at all.

One thing that I found in my research is that Windows may need you to activate Secure Boot to upgrade to 11, but thankfully Ubuntu is “trained” to handle it.

However, this is not new with Windows, so there is a solution.

What you will definitely need to have in hand is a bootable USB of Ubuntu - just in case. Once you perform the Windows upgrade, please update this topic so that I can help you begin the process. :slight_smile:

@vasileios @SBHX
Thank you both for your replies. I do have the bootable USB drive that I used during the original Ubuntu installation on to the internal SSD drive.


Awesome! So, when you finish your Windows 11 installation, boot from your Live USB, select Try Ubuntu then open up a terminal (Windows Key, then type in terminal) and type in:


So that we can see how your drive(s) is/are structured and reinstall Grub. :slight_smile: