Which phone to buy?

Hi Everyone,

I am using an iphone 6s right now, and am waiting for Jeff’s Linux distro to be available before switching. I was wondering which phone (s) I should be considering that would be a good fit for the new distro. I may also consider degoogling a phone in the meantime (depending on how long of a wait we have), but would prefer to be able to use the same phone for Jeff’s distro, so I wouldn’t have to buy another phone when the time comes.

Thanks so much!

As far as I know, it’s still a work in progress. I was waiting for the same thing, but finally decided I had to get a degoogled phone sooner rather than later, so I got one of the phones at brax.me to tide me over. I’ve signed up for JP updates at mobile.xyz, but haven’t heard anything about a specific date for the mobile.xyz launch. There are some good affordable phones in the classifieds here on the forum. If you are on Telegram, azadius (Shane Cooper) offers phones on his Telegram channel sometimes. It really depends on how anxious you are to switch out at this point. Good luck.

Definitely NOT the most experienced here, but I have read enough to be pretty secure in saying that (ironically) G00g Pixels are the most adaptable to multiple OS’s and being De-G00g’d. As far as which models - that is mostly preference, however the P3’s just went “OUT OF SUPPORT” which is firmware support thing, but funny thing is I just bought one before finding that out…and the OS has updated still SEVERAL times, so that may be more a marketing ploy…not sure about that - but just know that detail. Obviously the P4 will be next so if you want to save $$ and don’t care go 3 or 4 but if you are a future planner type, maybe concentrate on 5’s and the new 6’s.

As far as where - my experience was very good with SWAPPA.COM & others have recommended BACKMARKET.COM

There is also a guy that is an EBay store by the name of CRISPY BEAR that is in the SLAMMIN Bones (a mod for jeff) Telegram channel, and peeps there highly recommend him, he will even flash the OS of your choice on it, if needed, & of course there are people here selling in the want ads section.

Hope that helps & enjoy your new decision with it :smiley:

I have degoogled a Pixel 3 and Pixel 4a for use. The “a” line Pixels are a little cheaper in construction and hardware, but still great in my opinion. You can’t go wrong with any Pixels. I like how the 4a and 5a have the 3.5mm headphone jack.

If you are buying used, make sure the phone is the Google version (not Verizon) since only the Google version can have the bootloader unlocked, and therefore be de-Googled.

Noagendaphone.com - buy a phone from the guy or he gives you the instructions for free to complete on your own.

That page has a great overview of how to de-google and what to do with it afterwards