Which phone is the lesser of two evils?

I have a iPhone 11 and a Samsung Galaxy S8, which one should I keep while waiting for a more Linux compatible phone? I think I can sell the iPhone for more than the Samsung, so I’m leaning towards keeping that one, plus it’s a pre-paid Boost mobile phone. The iPhone is just about paid off, and I can probably sell it for $300-$400, and then purchase a Linux compatible phone and then sell the Samsung Galaxy as well. Any recommendations or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @KatM!
The Android one (Galaxy) is definitely the choice to go with when you are looking to replace its OS with a Linux-based one. iPhones are rather strange and difficult to switch as they are far too locked.

Well I am definitely getting rid of the iPhone but the Galaxy phone is a Samsung S8, and I am not sure if it is capable of being changed into a Linux phone. I may just use it for now and buy another phone after I sell the iPhone. What do you think the best phone to purchase will be? I’ve been looking at the Pixel 3, and can get one at a pretty reasonable price.

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Definitely the Samsung/Android; I believe Lineage OS supports that phone model which would be the more secure option that’s available now.

Apple is locked down tight, which is great for preventing third party attackers, but absolutely at the mercy of Apple; they have the master key to your device and do some not so nice things to it, that invade your privacy bigtime. At least with Lineage OS, you can remove a huge layer of tracking junk.

The only operating system I found for the Galaxy S8 is the
/e/ Operating system. Lineage, Calyx and Graphene do not list the S8.

If no Lineage support and if you have ability to use Windows, Mac or Linux terminal, you can at least get this far with privacy on a standard Android:


The podcast is good, but this notes section has all of the specific info needed to force uninstall and modify programs on your droid.

So I’m probably better off selling both and buying something else. I was hoping to use the Samsung but it’s an old work phone I had laying around so it’s no great loss. I can get a Pixel 3 from my brother and try with that maybe? Thanks for the info.

Cool, thanks! I just talked to my brother and he has a Pixel 3 he will give me, I just have to wait for him to ship it from NC. Maybe I’ll have better luck with that.

Yeah, I pretty much figured the iPhone wouldn’t be any use. I’ll have it paid off within a month or so and then I’ll sell it. I already got a pre paid plan set up in the Samsung for now and will use that temporarily.
I haven’t seen that the S8 is supported anywhere yet but I’ll possibly have another phone soon.

I’m waiting on my new FREEDOM PHONE. Hoping it it come soon.

My wife and I switched to the Google free, Google 4 phone. We purchased them from Rob Braxman on YouTube. It comes with Lineage 18.1 and runs of Android 11. Totally free of proprietary software, no tracker jackers all ready to go with no crazy problems. I run a private vpn through OpenVPN. I haven’t seen any pointed advertisements since I put down the iphone.

Braxman is awesome, I like his content; between him and Bazzell, I find a good balance of info for most folks. Either buy one of Brax’s phones or try it yourself DIY with Graphene, Lineage or Calyx OS on a Pixel, the 3 will work perfect for those. Good luck on your build!

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I have a FREEDOM PHONE and have been turned off by ATT. Went to 2 different ATT stores nd they tell me it’s a 3G their is no way to activate it. It was working until June 17, 2022 good luck.

Indeed. The 3G has been under a timer. The only non-Big-Tech protocol to use now is the 4G/LTE, which will exist for a while, until they completely place the actual 5G towers.

I ended up getting rid of both the Iphone and Samsung and installing CalyxOS on the Pixel3. Since I don’t really need any google apps, it works just fine for now. I have also de-googled a Pixel 4 and another Pixel 3 for other people. I’ll probably eventually upgrade phones, just not in the budget right now.

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