Which phone carrier should I use?

Hi.I installed Calyx OS on a pixel 3, now I need to find a carrier and get a new number. Anyone have any recommendations? I prefer prepaid since I’m still paying off my iPhone thru my carrier in NC, and they don’t have service here in AZ. I can’t wait to pay that off and get rid of it! Thanks!

Hey @KatM!
I’m no expert in carriers in your area, but I’d generally avoid Verizon and AT&T - based on what I’ve been reading. But then again, I’m in Oregon.

Why would you avoid Verizon? Who would you recommend instead?

Hi. Well, I ended up going with Verizon prepaid, they just had a better plan and I don’t particularly care for at&t. So far I haven’t had any issues and their coverage is good. If there is a better option I can always switch.

Aside from its reputation and limited coverage, Verizon generally isn’t known for supporting de-Googled phones well. As for other carriers, I’ve heard good things about Patriot Mobile:

Another option, if you are to go on a bigger provider, would be T-Mobile. :slight_smile:

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If you are using Verizon,make sure you turn off the “custom experience” as pointed out here:


I have been with Verizon for 20 years and find they have the most reliable network no matter where I travel. I called them and told them by plans (de-googled phone with an Linus OS), and my account rep said in and email - " Verizon does not sell rooted phones but they will not block them from the network. I recommend moving forward with your initial plan of purchasing from a manufacturer or third party and confirming with them the device is certified to work on the Verizon network. If you ever have issues with the device, Verizon will support helping to troubleshoot but will not issue warranty replacements on behalf of the manufacturer."

As they say, like parent - like child, I find both AT&T and T-mobile seem to drop far more calls then Verizon. This is just my limited experience and the experience of two friends in both in AZ and in CO.

I haven’t tried them extensively, to be honest, as I’ve only been in the US for a short time, compared to you guys. Most of my calls are done via WiFi or even via Viber (international ones), via cell data.

I just went with the Verizon pre-paid. I’m mostly on WiFi too so I got the second cheapest plan. Works fine so far and way less expensive than my old plan.

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