Which Distro is best

I have a Google 4 XL on the way. Which distro would be best to install.

Does anyone have any information for me?

I am looking at Calyx, Graphene and Lineage, but i am not certain which would be the best?

It looks to me like any of these would work, but I want secure and easy :slight_smile:

Thanks for all input.

LineageOS is what I did with a Pixel 4a. Pretty easy once you have adb and fastboot installed. It’s super fast. I love it.

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I have only used Calyx, deciding on it since it was described as more secure than Lineage but more user-friendly and compatible than Graphene. I also wanted to evaluate how it behaves to see if it was worth advocating that my family switch (they are all Apple users, like I was).

I have to say, I find it absolutely fantastic. It was easy to install, it’s easy to use, and seems very fast.