When? to purchase an NFT Domain, now? or anytime soon?

I have been hearing for the past year or two about the “New” ‘World Wide Web’ that is supposed to be coming ‘soon’. I have also been hearing about NFT Domain names.
I plan on switching my website off of GoDaddy within the next year before it comes time to renew. (Will probably go to Epik unless I hear otherwise.)
My current domain is registered through GoDaddy and since I will be moving my web hosting I am thinking about moving my domain name to a different registrar.
I can purchase an NFT domain name now for $20.00 with no renewal fees.
#1 Can an NFT domain be used on the existing internet or is it still just the older existing domains?
I plan on keeping my existing domain and I will keep using it until I know for sure that the newer NFT domains are legit and usable.
#2 Would it be advantageous to purchase an NFT now or would it be non productive?
I don’t mind paying $20.00 but I would rather not throw it away either.

Great question. I’ve been hearing about www3 in some circles as well. I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to be honest. Where can you get an nft domain?

You can purchase what are purported to be NFT domains at

But I don’t know enough about NFT domains to even look them up and get any good information. I haven’t read anywhere that they have been enabled yet. I know too little to even comment here. I guess my questions should have been something like this:

  1. Are NFT domains being used yet?
    (if not)
  2. When are they expected to come online?
    (if unknown)
  3. Are we talking months or years away?

I have decided not to rush out and buy one yet until I have more info.

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