What's the best low-cost laptop, if i intend to install linux?

Hello. Wife wants a small, low-cost, laptop for spreadsheet/doc/email work, and i suspect she’ll want it to be decent playing/streaming video and music. Any recommendations that are best suited to linux? Dell, Asus, Acer, etc.? Would like to keep budget under $400 ish if possible. New or refurbed.


Honestly, you can find just about any number of laptops for less then $200 with at least 2Ghz CPU, 8Gb ram and 256Gb SSD. Many come with 500Gb HDD.

With Linux, those specs are more than adequate.
I picked up my Lenovo TP for $150 2.6Ghz, 8Gb ram and a 256Gb SSD. T460 I think.
My wife’s Lenovo T420(i think) is like 1.8Ghx, 8Gb ram and 256Gb SSD, I think i paid $125 for it. We both run Debian 11, here is a “Debian Pure Blend” called SkoleLinux or DebianEDU.

Only issue was Wi-Fi, added non-free contrib ppa as was an working. Also have 2 $100 HPs with equivalent specs but “spinning” 500Gb HDDs, noticeably slower but certainly not as well as trying to run Windows and planning to replace them soon.

The biggest consideration should be the Linux distro you’re planning to run. Research the hardware for that model and the distro.

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Just bought a computer on Amazon for 205 16 gb ram and 250 gb hard disk. With a one year warranty

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