What's it like to go from Googled to De-Googled?

The article below is great information for anyone considering moving away from the Google farm. It will give you reasons to do that and ways you can do it, with helpful insights along the way about how to gradually do that.

I (Finally) Fired Google – Purism

Kyle Rankin is the Chief Security Officer for Librem, company that makes the Librem laptop and the Librem 5 phone, from https://puri.sm. In his position at puri.sm, he knows the Librem products intimately, so he can give us great insights into those products, as well as his personal use of them.

In this article Mr. Rankin talks about his personal experience of moving away from Google to the Librem 5 phone. For much of his career he was totally locked into the Google environment, and liking its convenience, like most people do. He was aware that it was toxic to his data security, but it was so convenient to stay and so drastic to change.

I strongly recommend that you read his article if you’re considering moving away from Google (or iOS).