What hardware/laptop/desktop specs should I seek?

Are any of these relevant to use as a Linux machine?
Please respond. I am not linking. I am not selling anything. I am not spamming. I am not scamming. These are on Woot. I am a beginner/novice. Jeff banned and blocked me on telegram for asking this same info.
Why?! Questions abound for me. I don’t know tech. I plug and play with a ChromeBook.
I asked Jeff to unblock me. I’m very confused why asking about hardware and posting screenshots with no link gets a block and ban.
What minimum specs and ideal specs should I be searching for? Very slim budget. But I’m asking so I can jump when something becomes available and I have the funds ready to go.
Previous I asked about Android. I was directed to a pixel 4. I found one. Fair price but realized I need the XL.

Any suggestions or advice or guidance is appreciated.
Shamash Warrior.

Also. For the hard drive style ones posted I already have a monitor. I do prefer a laptop for mobility but rt now I just need to know what hardware is legitimate.

Processor: i3, i5, i7?
Hard drive Storage size
Is refurbished ok? More concerned about internals and guts than dings and dents.
I’ll assume the installed software doesn’t matter …?
What else?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @ShamashWarrior!
Any system that has 8GB of RAM will do the trick. The more, however, the merrier. Also, make sure that the system has an SSD, as the speed difference will be gigantic!

Last, but not least, ensure that the system has an Ethernet port, or at least get an Ethernet-to-USB adapter, in case the WiFi doesn’t work out of the box. At least you’ll have Internet access to install the necessary modules, if needed.