What does 22/tcp allow anywhere mean?

Question about ufw,
I have enabled my fire wall. When I check the status I see that it’s active. But then I see
To Action From
22/tcp ALLOW anywhere
22/tcp (v6)ALLOW anywhere (v6)

Does this mean my port 22 is open and what does (v6) mean? This has me a little worried please help!

Yes port 22 is open and allowing SSH traffic
v6 is for Internet Protocol version six or IPv6
The line above it is for IPv4

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Hey @dustyj!
What @ckehoe31 mentioned is correct.
Does this ufw rule exist on your local system or your VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

Hi Vasileios,

It believe it’s on my local since I have not set up a VPS yet. Should I have set up the server first?

Thank You

Then it’s best that you keep the SSH port closed on your local system, to avoid anyone logging in and taking control of your system. First, you’ll need to check the list of ports that are active. The terminal command to do so is:

sudo ufw status numbered

Glance at the numbered list it will give you and notice which number includes the open port 22. Then execute:

sudo ufw delete number

Replace number with the actual digit of the rule you see for port 22.
That’s it. :slight_smile:

Thank You! I was thinking I should get a VPS and was thinking about digital ocean what do you think is a safe and well operating VPS service? I watched the class that Will did on installing a VPS. When I add this should close the port still. I did change the settings to not allow incoming from that port.

Thank You Again


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Hey Jan,
You’re very welcome!
Digital Ocean is a good one, though I haven’t personally used it. I tried Linode and Kamatera, though the latter has a very peculiar customer support, so I dumped it.