VPS to Build VPN

So…I want to purchase a VPS in order to build my own VPN and I am on the Ionos website right now. My question is on the system choice they are presenting in order to configure my server. I am running Linux Mint (the latest version - I think 20) , but that’s not a choice. The choices are: Ubuntu 20.04; Ubuntu 18:04; Rocky Linux 8; Debian 9; Debian 10; and a couple of others. Do you think Ubuntu 20 would be the way to go?

Yes. Linux Mint derives from Ubuntu, so the latest version is your best choice. :slight_smile:

@JRose, how are you doing with the VPS from Ionos? I signed up hours ago but it seems my server has not been installed there. I called them and waited 30+ min. then got disconnected.

How long did you have to wait till your account shows your server is installed and working? I’m a bit frustrated… Please help!

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I actually decided to wait because I am not as comfortable with this as I need to be. Decided to give it two weeks to study. I hope this works out for you!


Thank you, Vasileios. Appreciate it.

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So, my problem with Ionos was that the VPS was not setup properly on their side, it should’ve been done instantly. With that up and running, I just spent the whole afternoon trying to figure out how to make WireGuard work on both server and client side…

When I have the WG running on the client, it seems to interrupt the server to the point that the command prompt doesn’t react at all until I stop WG on the client side… Will keep trying with another way tomorrow… maybe I will switch to openVPN…

@JRose Did you get your VPN working? I switched to OpenVPN and found deals on VPS. Sever installation was super easy. Linux client was painful but simple once I found the right way to connect to the VPN.