VPS Funding Question

I hope this isnt off topic too much. So I want to create a VPS. My question concerns secure funding of the VPS. I know Jeff mentioned using a prepaid credit card but some have fees that are more than the VPS…and also have a lot of fine print. I don’t want to use my personal credit card nor tie it to a bank account due to security/privacy concerns. Can you use a prepaid Gift card? Will the VPS vendors accept it? Or should I get a new low limit credit card to use? Looking for ideas.

Hey @Jaybird!
If you want to go completely anonymous to a VPS, you can go as far as get one with BitCoin. The following one does exactly that:

When it comes to other service providers, it depends on the policies of each. For example, I’ve used prepaid cards for a good amount of things in the past, though mine is from Greece and not the US (thus the only cost for me was its recharge).

From a small research I did, it would appear that Paypal can accept pre-paid gift cards. So, any VPS provider that accepts Paypal will do as well. :slight_smile:

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I’m using a prepaid gift card with Linode. No problems!


That’s awesome that they can do that!

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Does my website need to be pointed to my VPS and VPN or only to my VPS? I already have it pointed to my VPS-Apache server.

If you’re running PowerDNS, like CyberPanel does, then the domain should point directly to your VPS. If you’re not using CyberPanel and utilizing your VPS provider’s nameservers, then it should point to the IPs the provider gives you.

Now, if you have your web server (via CyberPanel) and your VPN on the same VPS, then your domain should point to your VPS (which shares IP with your web server & VPN).