VPS for email, website and nextcloud

I have been playing around with a Linode VPS. Added nextcloud and tried to add a website following Jeff’s Word Ops video. Then also tried to runs an email server via CyberPanel. Some of it worked and I think some conflicted. I have started over a few times. Question,; Do I need to create a new Linode (server) for each of these items? Do they each need a new ip address?

My ultimate goal is to use nextcloud with my own email server to get away from Office 365. I like the looks and potential for nextcloud to run a home page for our business network with all staff checking in on nextcloud. Then also run my website as well, it’s currently with Squarespace. Squarespace offers some value, but I think the privacy and getting away fro the “Big Guys” is the right thing to do.

Hello @BRieli and welcome to the forums!
NextCloud on a VPS is a great idea, as long as you can afford the storage fees and manage the bandwidth of your server. Then again, it all depends on the amount of data you will be storing. :slight_smile:

I am building a comprehensive course on how to setup the CyberPanel with email and Wordpress support, with all the security features. It’s a big one, so it takes a bit of time. I believe I may cover NextCloud after that.

Thanks Vasileios. I just finished course 18 on the LMS site. Looking forward to watching 19.
Do you need to use multiple linodes or can it all be on one?

For the course, it can be done in a single linode. Essentially, all can be done on a single one, provided the services are properly contained. Though I recommend the VPN to be on a second one, for full autonomy.

Hey @vasileios !
Can you please explain more about having a VPN on a second one, thanks

When you use a VPN, the server generally puts a lot of pass-through traffic. When you also have a website that gets a lot of visitors, it tends to often cap the memory and the CPU of the VPS. Once that reaches the cap, your VPN traffic will suffer - as may suffer its speed.

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That is great! Lots of opportunities there. Great find!

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@vasileios What should I be looking for?
Specifically. If you don’t mind. :grinning:

Specifically, it all depends on what you intend to use your VPS for.

RAM - the memory of the VPS. 1GB should be sufficient for general use, such as a basic web server and email server.

Disk Space - not too important, unless you will be using it as an email server. Emails can accumulate in sizes rapidly, even more so when you set it up for family or co-workers as well.

Bandwidth - perhaps the most important, especially if you are using the VPS as a VPN. Browsing the net an watching videos can eat up your bandwidth very quickly. I would recommend 500GB or more at least. If you surpass the bandwidth allotted by the service provider, you won’t lose connectivity, though you will be getting extra charges - which can shoot pretty high.


Hey @vasileios!
And do I need the one with a IPv6 link?

On my VPS, I needed 3GB RAM to handle Nextcloud, Website, and email.

NextCloud can become demanding, depending on how many services it implements. I’ve done Wordpress & Email server with just 1GB as a test.