Vivaldi Browser?

I am a Brave Browser user and just set this computer up again with Zorin Pro and someone suggested Vivaldi, I was wondering if it is a trusted browser?
I download and installed it and it doesn’t seem like a bad browser but I don’t know anything about it and didn’t want to keep it if it is as bad a those provided by Microsoft. I use a program call Roboform for my passwords and Brave and Vivaldi both use the extension needed to run it.
Does anyone use Vivaldi?
Pros and Cons?

check the Jeff chat, some new info came to light, I have removed using Vivaldi. I liked it, however after ready the post in chat, not so much now. If not there, it could have been in one of the other 2 “admin” telegram channels I read it. hope this helps.

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Thanks, I didn’t think of checking there. I’ll go back through the post there.

I’ve used Vivaldi a lot in the past, but have moved to Brave. I haven’t heard any comments about it being dangerous or a problem. More the opposite of that, unless something has changed recently. It gives you a multitude of ways to personalize it. I’ve had trouble in the past with using their sync service. I’d have it on two or more systems, and it would lose some links on another machine when I installed it on a new machine. I’ve never had a problem with Brave’s syncing when installing Brave on a new machine.

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I have heard of Vivaldi but never checked it out until yesterday when I replaced my hard drive to a Kingston SSD and reinstalled Zorin Pro and just had to try it out. I like what I see so far but time will tell. I have been using Brave for sometime now and was my only Browser.

I went looking for the post in JP’s chat

I am still inching along in my exodus from tech bondage. Here below is an excellent website by the name DigDeeper which takes the time to explain these topics well enough to understand the nuances. I read the explanation and detailed ranking for BROWSERS and SEARCH ENGINES. It was very revealing. Sad to see that Vivaldi which I had started to use as a browser (and I loved it’s ease of use) is one I will stop using as well.


I"ve been using Vivaldi and so far I really like it. It’s very customizable.

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So I went to the link provided by “a hosier patriot” and read an article on browsers and it basically said Brave was awful with the data required to do the rewards program. Personally I have tested Brave and the search results are odd. When using the Brave search engine I never get more than one page of results. Google, duck duck go, start page etc always return many pages. Why is that?

Currently I am using Vivaldi. I block cookies. Now I have been taking the time to review the cookies on web pages. I had been in the habit of just clicking accept cookies. It seems that even with privacy option set in a browser that privacy maybe bypassed if you accept the cookies. ??

Just like the rest of you am searching. For now I’m sticking with Vivaldi. Still checking out various distros of Linux. It’s hard to do all at once. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I try each distro for a week or two. Having a browser that I can use that saves all bookmarks saves a lot of setup time when distro hopping.

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I liked it too, but if they go / went “woke”, I’m out. so I left.

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