Video hardware acceleration

I’m using Linux Mint Uma, still on a virtual machine installed with Virtualbox. Every time I start the system up, I get a message that the system is not running on video hardware acceleration. If I try to launch and search for drivers, it says that I don’t require any new drivers.

Is this a problem that is inherent to a virtual machine, or something I can fix?

Thank you!

It may be a VirtualBox problem. There can often be a disconnect between VirtualBox and the actual machine it is running on. It could also have something to do with how the VM was set up. You might be able to peruse the settings for the Mint VM and see if there’s a box you can tick to fix that.

You will need Virtual Box’s Guest Additions’ ISO for the extra functionalities to work.

The ISO for the guest machine you can find here:

I installed the Guest Additions ISO from this link. After it was done, I saw that it had set up two shared folders on my deskrtop. One I was able to unmount. The other is still on my desktop and it says I have no rights to unmount it or view the contents. Edit: I have been able to Remove it.


Well, the shared file is back. The ISO must have changed my fstab? I think that’s what you call it. I see no option to remove it and it says I’m not the owner and I have no permissions. Do I need to delete my virtual machine at this point?

I might need some more information on it. :wink:
Are you referring to the Guest Additions ISO file? If so, you can remove it from the Virtual Box panel, before you boot into the Linux OS. Simply go to the CD/DVD area and deselect it.
If it’s something else, please post a screenshot of the area that this share appears. There’s always a way to attain root permissions. However, we’ll need to know what those permissions are needed for. :wink: