Video Downloading software

In search of video download software for Linux (you tube and other sites in case videos stop to exist).

Are you meaning other video site alternatives instead of Youtube? If so, Rumble and Bitchute come to mind. If you’re meaning linux software to download from YT, try this: ClipGrab Video Downloader

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My preference is youtube-dl. It can download from a large variety of sources (even the more obscure ones, if you can get the video URL).
The only downside of it is that it works on terminal, but there are various graphic user interfaces out there.

sudo apt install python3-pip
sudo apt install ffmpeg
sudo pip3 install youtube-dl

Once done, just open terminal and type:

youtube-dl (and the name of the video url)
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I’ve never tried that one. I’ll have to give it a try!

Even when I’m on my MacBook Pro (the only non-Linux system I have), I have youtube-dl installed. Basically, I keep the Mac because it has the ZSH terminal, which is essentially very similar to Manjaro.

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Yt-dlp seems to get more attention on resolving new video issues faster, it is a fork of youtube-dl, works exactly the same honestly but it has a lot more active dev community. I suggest it but that’s user presence.

I use it in cli behind VPN, works great, I have yet to support a broken video site that it doesn’t pull from.

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Thank you for the info @MrDeplorableUSA!
I will most certainly check it out. It’s funny as I compiled youtube-dl on a MacBook and - strangely enough - it doesn’t have the speed barriers. Must be a BSD thing, but I will definitely check yt-dlp!

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