Using webfont on a site, good or bad?

Hopefully this question is not too out of the field to ask here, let me know if it is…

Working on a new web site right now and is thinking about using webfonts for the headings to match the logo. Don’t know how to do it yet because there are more basic questions.

In my head, having matching fonts in heading and logo would look great besides having a unique feel to my site. However I would like to know why people do and don’t use webfonts on their sites… :thinking:

Would love to learn from anyone who has design and/or tech experience/opinion on this, thank you!

As far as I know, ‘webfonts’ are simply unique fonts NOT already contained on most systems, so that if user goes to your site and isn’t using custom fonts - they will see the font you have chosen

That’s pretty much what I know as well… was worried about load time but I guess with the image heavy sites nowadays small webfont files are nothing??

As far as space taken and upload time, yes nothing

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Hey @Ai!
I agree with @QuriousPatriot. Webfonts are an excellent solution to bring a unique feeling to your website. Their sizes are tiny (less than 1MB for the most complex ones), so you can use them as you see fit - and they will be available for all visitors, regardless if they have them installed on their local systems or not.

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Thank you, @QuriousPatriot and @vasileios! It’s helpful to have confirmations on my guesses. Lots of learning ahead until my site can be ready! :nerd_face:

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