Use only FOSS software?

Very new here to Linux. Running Mint on laptop I paid $100 for!

Is the general though to only install FOSS software on the machine? Do I run the risk of adding non-Foss software? e.g. Steam?

Thank you

Hi Red…

When installing most distros, there’s usually an option whether or not to install propriety software. I forget exactly how it’s worded. For example, the option to play MP3 files is propriety. It’s mostly a philosophical and personal principle question. Some people personally only do FOSS.

Regarding Steam, I believe I have seen that listed in Snap or other repositories.

There are several companies who develop for Windows, Apple and Linux and charge for their software and it is closed source. For example BriscCAD, which is as powerful as AutoCAD, yet cheaper and runs on Linux. For me, I do plan on running it on Linux. I think it is safe enough, and I do not mind paying for such a feature rich product.

Hope that helps.

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That is a really good suggestion, thank you!

If there is something you are looking at, always search to see if you have it in a depository and install, or research to see if what you are needing/looking is not in a depository, the software company has a linux version already. But in most cases, Wine or something else will get you there, but not always. Lots of great alternatives to WIN or other os apps.

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In worst case scenario, you can always run Windows in a confined, Virtual Machine environment.

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